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Day 35

I prefer radio or print information/ entertainment. I don’t really like T.V.

I think it often misinforms, poisons, and makes people fat and lazy. Of course Im not going to say though that I don’t watch T.V!  There is quality and entertainment to be found! Sport games, PBS ( like Independent Lens ) or other certain stations like NatGeo or the Travel Channel are excellent. I will admit to watching and enjoying shows like American’s Next Top Model though. Shows that really don’t benefit anything…or Most Extreme Elimination! (which is on here on Sundays! Yesss!) I LOVE that show. Watching people fall, or have things thrown at them, or get hurt  from the comfort of my home is hilarious. I always laugh the whole time. Plus Japanese are crazy. You can quote me on that.

Jersey Shore Italian season is on here in Spain. I started watching it. What an absolute waste of time. I had to stop because I started feeling the tingling of my brain cells dying. It was a little funny though, because since coming to Spain I’ve met Americans like that. GTL and drinky party sexy. Not really what I’m looking for right now. Its not all that glamorous anyways…at least not at the Jersey shore level!

Another drinky, party, sexy show, Sex in the City is on TV right now. One of the earlier seasons, Carrie just met Haden for the first time. I never really followed the show much, but I did go out and see the first movie at the theatre with a girl friend of mine after drinking one too many martinis and laughing and gossiping the whole time. Fitting for the occasion I’d say. Watching the adventures and wild events of these 4 woman, has me thinking though about one of the recent male additions in my life here in Torrox, although my story lacks sex, alcohol, and designer clothing.

Info on my new man:

Name: Joe (also calls himself Jose)

Age range: 70-85 yrs (hard to tell, he has a 50 yr old son, and a 89yr old friend of his just had a stroke)

From: Originally England, but  family moved to Tunisia (Northern Africa) when he was young.

Lives:  Alone in El Morche (a block from where I teach) for the past 16 years. He has also lived 7 years in France, and for a short time in Vancouver, Canada.

Status: Single, Divorced. 4 children (living in England, Sweden, Canada and France) and has at least 3 grandchildren that we talked about.

Profession: Retired. Traveler.

Physical Traits: Shorter than 5″3 (me) that still be true even if he stood up straight. Faded big brown eyes. Missing almost all his teeth but has a nice smile. White hair kept well. Very thin, almost tiny. Lots of laugh and smile lines : )

Positives going for him: Mental sharpness. Outgoing. Spontaneous. Charming. Funny.Generous. Has good rhythm and enjoys dance ( he’s tried Zumba!! ). Good stories to tell – some real some stretched. He smells like an earthy sweet tobacco. Has a pirate flag. Free spirit.

Negatives against him: Poor sight, and dangerous driver. Chain smoker.

Joe and I met last Friday afternoon and had a date later that night.

It all came to be as I was waiting to catch the bus home from school. Joe pulled up in a red old beat up English car. I had never seen an English car. They look very strange, with the wheel on the right side. He noticed me looking at, when he got out of the car which he had just parked in front of me.

He said, “Hello. Whatcha looking at?”

“Your car. I’ve never seen one like it before”

“What do you mean?”

“The wheel is on the right side”

“Well of course! Its English”

” I’ve never seen an English car before”

” Where are you going? ”

“El Pueblo”

” Alright. Let me run to the store and I’ll take you”.

That was that. Im trying to get in my head that Im here for a reason and the things that happen to me are happening for a reason. With that in mind I accepted his offer and he drove me to my place. Not without of course almost running off the side of the road, and almost hitting a pedestrian! I sat in the left side of the car, left hand clenching the door trying not to let my nerves get the best of me!

When you speed and drive like a maniac it takes almost no time to reach pueblo from the coast. So although the time was short we chatted a bit. He was really sweet, and I’ve always had a soft spot for old people. He was talking about music, and how he loves to dance. He said I should come visit him sometime and we could listen to music, and he’d give me his bottles of French wine he has. He said he wasn’t allowed to drink anymore, just milk and water!

There just so happened to be a Tango orchestra concert in Nerja (the next town over, 9km away ) that night that I was planning to go to  it alone,…so I invited him to come with me.

It was a date.

Joe doesn’t feel comfortable driving at night so he was going to arrange for a taxi to take us to Nerja. It worked out perfect that Kal (which is another story in and of itself! ) the owner of the Moroccan bar by my house was going to Nerja and agreed to take us both there.

Its been a very long time since Ive been on a first date. Joe said he’d invite my ticket (it was 10 euros) so I dressed up nice. Nothing crazy. I wore a sweater and a  black skirt. I had a red flower in my hair, and put a pink flower in Joe’s pocket. Joe had these snazzy modern tennis shoes on ( I was impressed they had laces no velcro) and he had khakis and a button up shirt, with a T-shirt from Las Vegas underneath. He was stylin.Pretty sure we were the red carpet couple of the event.

We made it just in time too, the tickets were going fast, we got some of the last ones in the back row. The lady who sold the tickets made it sound as if it was unfortunate…but in reality I could see just fine, it wasn’t far away at all…for a 24 yr old pair of eyes.

Being in the last row I could pretty much tell the ages of everyone else there. The grey, white, and shiny bald heads were evenly dispersed throughout the room. I did see one other person under the age of 60, a kid maybe 15, although its my guess that most kids don’t appreciate the fine art of tango, so she was probably forced to be there by her grandparents.

Joe made this funny joke before the lights went out, he’s like I hope the dim the lights soon, this guys is blinding me! ” referring to the light blaring off the bald guy in front of him”

The show was good. I really enjoyed it. The woman had these beautiful dresses that were made even more beautiful which each move they danced to. Joe and and I danced a little bit in our seats too!

After the conert which lasted 2 hours Joe said he was hungry. He told me he had lost 3kg and needed to eat. I told him fancy that! I had just gained 3 kg, we should trade. But being that he was pretty fragile, I thought it was a good idea if he ate something. We couldn’t find a restaurant but we went to a bar and he ordered a glass of cold milk, and I had Di Serrano on the rocks.

We got to talk about all sorts of things! He had so many interesting stories! He told these funny jokes too..I wouldn’t realize they were jokes at first because he’s say them so seriously,  but they would be to crazy to be true.

Joe is really a different type of person. Once someone starts to travel around a bit, you start to meet people like Joe, people that don’t quite do things like everyone else, and who have found their own answer for how to live their life. Its really refreshing to meet someone like that, and it makes me feel less crazy for doing some of  the things I do.

Joe paid for the taxi to take me home. I tried to pay and he just got all upset at me and waved his tiny arms in the air and told me not to make him angry. I did secretly laugh a little bit inside, but I  graciously accepted his kindness.

Naturally and obviously it wasn’t a real “date” nor will it turn into some kinky Playboy thing, but I really enjoyed my time with my new friend. I look at it this way, older people have a lot to teach me if Im willing to listen and learn,…and I’m sure he enjoys my company just as much as I enjoy his. Also, when one has no friends, one can’t afford to be picky :p

I plan to have lunch with him soon and investigate these claims of French wine…


Day 34

Day 33.5

Breaking News From Torrox!!!!

…the article fails to mention the man who spent 12 years learning Klingon is 46 years old. Lives in his parents basement. Single, and has never had a girl friend (everyone knows Vulcan gets the chicks, not Klingon. Girls like smart guys).

The Killer Chili article is icing on the cake.

Day 33


Im the girl with the bike again!

Not having a car, arriving to events with messy hair, having huge strong thighs, not leaving the house when it rains, cutting through back roads, bumming rides…its always been my kinda thing. NOT having a bike has been like missing a piece of my soul. In Green Bay I could ride for hours, either around town or on the Fox River Trail – and take my mp3 player, some water,…maybe some pretzels to snack on when I got to De Pere, it was perfect. I used to live in Shawano sometimes. Theres a trail that connects GB to Shawano, and actually goes to Wausau. I want to hop on my bike with some crackers and peanut butter and a little tent, a flashlight and a pocket knife and ride GB to Wausau and back. Just go to Wasau to get a milkshake or something…something completely normal and leave right away…and have it be the ride thats the exciting part. Im serious. So if anyone reading this wants to go with me…early September would be nice a time.

But now I don’t have to be sad anymore! Becaaaause I bought a bike the other day! This whole bike buying business was quite the ordeal. First of all I knew right away that I wanted a bike. Im paying minimum 2 Euros everyday in transportation to go by bus to school and back home. I work 4 days a week. 4 weeks a month. Im here 8 months. Its worth it, not only for enjoyment and health purposes but economically speaking as well.

I was waiting at the bus stop earlier this week and a girl around 20, maybe younger maybe older came and asked about the time. We started talking. She said she was from Venezuela, and that her father was Spanish and her mother was Chilean. She was really pretty and very nice. She also happened to have a bike! I asked about it, and it was only 20 Euros. She told me I could find 2nd hand cheaper bikes at either the markets in Nerja ( the next town over ) on Sundays mornings or in Malaga at the store where she had bought her bike. The store she said also had many other 2nd hand things, with both bargains and junk.  I was planning on going to Malaga anyways to go and buy a phone and internet for the house, and when she said that the store was near the bus station I decided to check it out!

So I was determined to make it happen. I went to Malaga on Tuesday after classes, bummed a ride from Juanma and Conchi- teachers at school, and headed over to Tina’s place, after her and I had some pizza near Picasso’s childhood home :p At Tina’s place I started googling directions to get to this store.

The girl had told me she was unsure of the name of the store but she thought it was Cas con Verte. ok. So I googled that. Nothing. hmmm. Im thinking, that name doesn’t really even make sense, or sound Spanish. I don’t know what ‘Cas’ is…maybe she meant casa? and con means w ith, verte means to see you. maybe she meant verde? green? Like some sort of green house? I tried a whole bunch of combinations trying to guess what it was. The whole time these other results would pop up, but nothing I was looking for.

Then it hit me. The lightbulb went on. OH. CASH CONVERTER. Ha. One of the results that kept coming up, but I ignored at because I wasn’t thinking in English. lol. I had to laugh,…thats not the first time I’m been completely confused by a Spanish speaker, whose really saying something in English.

I went in search of this ‘Cas con Verte’ and was able to find it pretty easy. I felt rather accomplished. The store was cramped with lots of clutter and stuff all over, electronics, fitness equipment, appliances and random shit, everything just like she had described. The bike selection was pretty weak. The cheapest bike was 39 Euro, the next cheapest 55, then it jumped to 100. I went for the cheap one. I had the guy adjust the seat for me, and I gave it a little test spin, another guy scolded me for riding it in the store…I just smiled and gave him the “oh sorry, no Spanish” face- I mean come on.

I bought it though. Its white. Rusty. Missing a part of the left pedal, and a piece of the seat. The tires are pretty thick for everyday street riding. It has a Mickey Mouse sticker on it. This all put together means it was once used and loved at one time…I felt like I should buy it and give it love again. I do that sometimes, thinking Im saving the things that other people don’t want. Ex: I’ll buy the littlest apple at the store, like don’t worry little apple..I’ll take you home and eat you.

Now that I had found my bike I wandered around admiring the other items in the store. I came across some free weights. Perfect. I had found single 10 lb weights at a Chino near my house, but each 10 lb  weight was like 8,9 Euro. Here at Cash Converter I could get  a 10kg weight made of 2 5kg that I can take off…so first use the 5kgs and when I get stronger make it 10kg. It was a good price! I did stop and think about how I was going to get all this home. Briefly. Briefly only because I was so determined that I wanted the weights and I had to buy them right away that I just simply decided that Id figure out a way. End of story.

The store was near the bus station so I headed over and caught the next bus back to Torrox. I live in Torrox, but not the coast-where the bus drops you off. I live in Pueblo. The part you have to go uphill to get to. I knew that though. I was ok with it. When theres a will theres a way!? I got into town around 930pm,…the buses to pueblo stop running after 830pm I think it is…so it gave me an opportunity to try out my new bike!

Here I am, I have a backpack on my back, carrying my 5lb MacBookPro, my purse on my left side with at least 1 lb of junk in it, and my 10kg (actually 22lbs) weight. How I managed the weight, was I put in on my right shoulder, and balanced it…and holding it with one hand while I steered the bike with the other hand as I rode it. And off I go! The journey turned pathetic pretty quick. Being out of shape, and trying to balance everything, and going up these crazy hills was a challenge! I did my best though, I mean I used to ride my bike all the time in GB! I got off and walked though…It was unfortunate that this was happening during the Manchester futball match,…but fortunate because no one noticed me walking with my stupid weight panting up hill, everyones attention was on the game.

I didn’t enjoy the ‘ride’ ‘walk’ but it wasn’t so bad, I was just happy to have a bike. It wasn’t bad till I got back on the bike and reached the first downhill. I wasn’t going especially fast. I thought that I should go slower, just because the sidewalks are a little uneven, poorly lit, and I had all my stuff. It was because of all my stuff that when I reached a sharp sudden drop in the sidewalk and I only had one hand free to break, I breaked to stop a complete disaster, but caused myself to fall in the process.

I fell smart though, forward to not damage my Mac in my backpack, and I pushed the weight away to the side right away so it wouldn’t fall on me or hit me. But that meant eating dirt. The bike went one way, I the other, the weight rolled off into the street, and a few F bombs dropped as well. I got up slowly and got the weight right away. My hands were red and hurt. My knee hurt. I checked in panic that my jeans weren’t torn…the only pair of pants I own. My foot lost some layers of skin. A younger woman was walking on the street and saw me fall. She was close enough to me. She didn’t even stop walking…and obviously didn’t ask if I was ok. That upset me.

I realized that I had fallen in front of a car park area, and my bike laying on the cement was blocking the way of a car who wanted to enter. He had seen me too. I moved the weight out of the way, and picked up the bike. The seat was bent so I couldn’t sit on it,…and somehow I killed the front break completely, it didn’t work at all anymore. I tinkered with it, then just gave up and started walking home. I wasn’t too far at this point. The man looked at me, didn’t say anything and walked on ahead of me.  That pissed me off.

2 Spanish people just saw me fall and didn’t even bother to check if I was ok. Its not like this happened downtown New York or somewhere busy during rush hour, and people have places to go, things to do, and don’t notice whats around them. Im in a pueblo. People ride horses in the streets for heavens sake. It be like going to New Franken or Luxemburg-Casco…I would expect people to be a little more ‘neighboorly’. geesh. Was it because they didn’t care? Because I’m obviously foreign? I don’t know. But it really bothered me. Just the whole thing, having to walk/ride for at least 40mins to get home, breaking my already battered up bike, the Spaniards.

Sometimes when I go home I purposefully take the route that doesn’t pass the Moroccan bar. But thats another story. Walking home though after my fall I had a horrible attitude. I felt really lonely all of a sudden. This time I purposefully walked passed the Moroccan bar. The same Moroccan guys who are there every night where there that night, and as always welcomed me in with warm smiles. I accepted the invited Bacardi and Cokes and watched the end of the game.  Long, very long story made short the guys at the bar were really sweet and helpful and tried to fix my bike. They sorta did, but not completely, but its ok to ride, but it was nice having people that I knew would welcome me and help me. At home I felt bad for ranking them previously only a 6 on a 1-10 trust scale. I still think I should be smart about being around them, but their kindness was very appreciated.

I write this story to share my Tuesday night and bike problems but also for what happened Wednesday morning, and this afternoon.

The next day, I woke up and got the bus to school…it had been a long night, I wasn’t up for biking. I enjoy the bus ride in the mornings, the mountains are beautiful and the sun is warm and is just beginning to paint everything in its light. That morning I noticed a woman in one of chair/walker things on the sidewalk. She was older, a little more heavy than what she probably should be, she had stopped and was taking a rest, breathing heavyily. I only saw her for a few seconds, the bus passed her and she was gone. Maybe she just was going to the store, or heading home from someplace, who knows. Then I thought about me and my attitude that I got the day before.

Im very conscious of my age, capabilities, and health. Sometimes I temporarily forget though. Its amazing that I can even ride/walk a bike 5km uphill with added weight in the first place. Its amazing that I can fall hard and hurt myself and then get up and walk away like nothing happened…and be ok even if nobody stops to ask me. Things like that shouldn’t be taken for granted, and it was foolish of me to be so upset, because maybe someday riding a bike or walking won’t even be an option, and a fall fatal.

Then today I was walking to the store, I had already been to a couple other stores, and had lots of stuff with me. I passed this woman, she wasn’t old but she was struggling to lift her little cart thing with all her groceries in it up onto the sidewalk and she couldn’t get it up passed the curb(this thing was stuffed! She packed it good and full). I had the 2 Spanish people in my mind when I stopped and put down all my things and helped her lift her cart onto the sidewalk. It was very heavy, but we did it, and she thanked me and I went on my way.

Id like to think that I would have stopped and helped her even if I hadn’t been thinking about the people who didn’t stop to help me. Maybe I wouldn’t have though? Maybe I would have done what the 2 people did to me, and just looked at her and walked past, but I didn’t. Theres no reason not to help someone who needs it when your capable of it, regardless of how other people treat you.

I think things happen for a reason. Torrox isn’t a fast paced kinda place, and this week it made me slow down and reflect on things a bit more. Be grateful and help others. 2 pretty basic concepts, but important ones.

Day 29






Its been officially 4 weeks today! I was thinking about that yesterday as I went for a walk. I accompanied Luis halfway to the bus stop for him to get back to Malaga. The walk wasn´t to far, but atleast 30mins.  To get back home I had to go up hill, and it was fairly warm and hot out, so I thought about things, all sorts of things… just to not be thinking that I probably shouldn´t be breaking a sweat by just walking.

On the way I passed one of my students, he was running…galloping actually, just like a little horse and then he darted into a house. He´s a bit chubby, super cute and very respectful. I can´t remember his name though, since I go to atleast 5 different classes, each with 20ish students in them its hard to recall all their names, especially when little Spanish kids have names like Jose Carlos, or Maria de la Luz, or Manuel Fernando. Thats just not fair. Thats learning 2 names for one kid. Regardless… I wouldn´t have said hi to the kiddo anyways…I was dressed like crap- I probably would have startled him and got him all confused.

I can´t believe its October already. It doesn´t feel that way because its so warm, and I can´t see the leaves changing. There is a tree outside my house that is loosing its leaves though. They blow in through the open window. A small little brownish green leaf scared me the other day. I thought it was a bug, because it hadn´t been there laying on the floor like that before…and I wasn´t wearing my contacts or glasses.  Bugs don´t scare me if I see them and know that theyre there…its when they creep up on you, or you look and they are suddenly there,…or even worse TOUCH you…thats horrible. I´ll freak out if that happens. I saw a little thing with tons of legs chillin in the bathroom sink the other day. I wanted to throw up. I made an attempt to kill it,…but I scared it and it creepy crawled its way into a corner. Hasn´t come back since…but I check for it everytime I go in the bathroom. Just to be on the safe side.

Other more pleasant creatures have also found refuge in my home as well. Theres been a black kitten that hangs out around the neighboorhood, and Ive been joking that Im going to steal a cat off the street make it my pet, and when I have to leave Spain I can just throw it back on the street again and not feel bad about it, beacuse it already has the skills to survive.

That kinda happened this weekend. Fortuna- is what I call him ( I like girl names, but only boy animals ) and he happened to be the same street on the very same day at the very same time as me. I have this horrible shitty salmon in the fridge, the painful reminder of my first homemade sushi gone terrible…and with that Luis, who was with me- and who can make really good cat noises, and I baited the kitten to come to the door. To get the kitten inside we had to use milk…and cheese. Fortuna was a little scared at first, but we left the door to the street open, to make him think that he could leave at anytime. He ended up eating a ton of the salmon. So it worked out well for the both of us. He let me hold him like a little baby and make little baby noises to him. He did hit me in the face with his paw. 3 times. I think he thought it was funny, but lots of babies think that things that are actually annoying are funny, so I didn’t take it personal ;p But we bonded and he fell asleep in the chair for a good while. I felt bad kicking him out at the end of the night,.. but I just didn’t want him around while I was sleeping, purring and clawing at the wood furniture. He hung outside the door and meowed. I felt really bad. I looked outside the window and him and I made eye contact. Thats the worse. He hasn’t come back in a few days…he has a collar with a little bell on it…so he’s probably eating dry cat food somewhere else. But when he wants salmon, he’ll be back. Oooohhh he’ll be back.

Day 25






Yesterday was Columbus Day so there was no school and the majority of the stores were closed down here en España. We really ought to celebrate that day don´t you think? Thank God Columbus discovered America! The Native Americans already living there would have been really screwed without him!

Anyways.  I ¨celebrated¨ in my own way, by making an awesomely delish Mexican/Gringo feast and drinking sparkiling red wine for breakfast. I continued to stay in my pjs for the entire day and never left the house. I worked on my arts and crafts…I have a few designated projects for myself. I want to live in a funky artsy house, be inspired when I wake up in the morning and before I sleep at night. I want to be crazy and eccentric and full of passion, excitement and motivation for the things that I came to do here in Spain.

I need to pick up my camera more!  Its a rather beautiful, powerful and very expensive piece of equipment, and Im hardly using it. Its digital. I know I need to read the manual and familarize myself with it…as well as name it-my camera, so that I can start to delevop a more personal relationship with it :p (and I´m not allowed to have pets in the house,…so other things like my cactus will be given names as well). I miss B&W 35mm film :/  BUUUT I think I found a darkroom I can use…and I know for sure a store that sells Ilford Film. BUUT I have to give digital a chance.

Having said that one of my projects today is to go and print of fotos that I like, by artists such as Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Francesca Woodman, Sally Mann, Henri Cartier Bresson etc… In Malaga I went to the contemporary art musuem and they had some books from famous Spanish photographers…I was really inpressed by a few of them, I´ll have to google them.

I just want art all around me. Pretty much sums that up.

Classes are over for today. I only worked 11:45-2. But I have to wait around till 3:25 to catch the bus. The school is in ¨El Morche¨and I live in ¨pueblo¨. Its phsyically possible to walk from school to my house, but we´d be talking hours.  Atleast 2. Which actually doesn´t seem so bad.  Im happy to be living in the pueblo, or the town part of the city (the city of Torrox). El Morche, and then Torrox Costa are right on the beach. I can literally watch people put on suntan lotion and swim from the classrooms. The beach is decent. Kind of pebbly, but     I´d say it beats Lake Michagan! Most definatley warmer thats for sure. There are little stores that dot the coast, and other developments, like housing etc… Lots of tourists, Germans and English around. A few of the teachers live in Torrox Costa. I live in Pueblo. I think its charming. Its in the mountains, and has cobblestone streets, and elderly people walking around, stray cats, Spanish guitarists chilln on benches….

I am looking for a bike to buy though, Id like to ride from pueblo to school…rather take the bus. The Morrocan guys that own the resturant-bar-hookah lounge next to my house say they can find me a 2nd hand bike for cheap. On a scale of 1-10 Id say Id trust them at a 6. Meaning, I enjoy their company but I´ll keep looking for a bike on my own as well.

At first when I came to Spain I had lost a lot of weight, because I was a picky eater,…and didn´t have time to eat…I was always walking around and doing things. Now I´m getting a little more plump lol. Its a shame that I cook so well :p jaja

Luis is here this weekend. I think we will be going to Malaga tomorrow, or atleast I will. I have some paperwork to do. Need to get a longer term visa. The one I have expires in December.  I also need to call the bank,… I have to start paying back student loans this month. Im actually looking forward to it,…I hate the idea of owing money.

Lifes pretty normal. Calm. Easy. Its not boring yet, its still exciting,…but Im anxious to do more.

Getting off the computer is the first step :p

Day 23

3 weeks and one day later Im still in Spain. Its a miracle! And most definatly not a dream.  Things are actually coming together quite nicely.

My apartment is shaping up.

The only complaint I would have would be that 4 out of 7 plants I bought have died. I only went away for a long weekend,… come on now, they couldn´t last till I came back? really?! But the cactus´made it. I think Im going to buy more of them. They have little flowers on them, so they aren´t that ugly. Oh the land lady came around last week for me to sign a contract. She came uninvited. I opened the door in my pjs (dispite it being 4pm). I didnt want to invite her in,…but she looked at me like I had no choice. I quick shut all the doors and apoligzed for the mess. Kid you not, she walked into the kitchen, put her hand over her heart with one hand, and the other hand on her forehead as if she had just walked into a war zone and witnessed something mad death and distruction. A FEW dirty dishes were out. A FEW socks were hanging out on the floor. A FEW papers were scattered around. Hey- I forewarned the woman. All she could mangage was a gasp, ¨ay Dios mio!¨ OMG. OMG was her reaction. Personally I thought it was a little dramatic. But she was kind enough to walk around and  SHOW me how one properly takes care of ones things. One fluffs the pillows. One sweeps the floor. One puts the books away when finished reading etc.

Now that I know how to live in an apartment like a decent person I feel liberated :p Just kidding. But after signing the contract I don´t expect her to be coming around anymore, so that means all her tacky fruit still life paintings…mmmhmmm coming down. The horrible elephant sculpture on top of the TV mmmhmmm in the closet, with all the other old people knicky knacks.

Just yesterday Ive started to make my own decorations. It feels good, and gives me something to do. I stayed in my sweatpants and old T-shirt all afternoon drinking red wine and eating salty Almonds making arts and crafts for the house, and listening to Blues music…IN BED!!! It was fantastic. Loved it. I thought to myself…maybe I should leave the house and go someplace with people. Then I thought well why would I want to do that? Are you kidding me, I just spent over 1 year of my life going to school and working 2 jobs- like 40-50 hours a week. Everyday I had to see, look at, talk to, listen to tons of people. I wanna enjoy the time spent not being around other people!! And thats what I did.

Well I have a million more things to say…but I´ll leave it for another blog. I wish to write blogs, not novels…

I have some pics to put up too, and theres no school tomorrow…so that should be a good time to do that : )

Peace everyone.

Day 17





First blog didnt go so bad, so I think I´ll stick with it!

Im actually at school right now, its 10 after 10 in the morning, and Im on facebook and wordpress…and getting paid. Not bad. In fact, I really don´t think anything has been to0 bad at all lately.

Monday was the first day of school. I showed up at 9am, because I thought that was a reasonable time to show up at. I met the staff, all very friendly and all very eager to show off their very limited English skills. But I will really enjoying getting to know them better, and learn from them as well.

I discovered that there is another girl, from California who will be doing the same as me. I would love to say that I was from California,..except for the fact that I had to witness the Spanish sing ¨…mumble mumble…HOTEL CALIFORNIA…mumble mumble¨to her all day. Also to add, her name is Tina and I think she´s wonderful.  She lives in Malaga and gets rides here everyday, which is also what Becky is doing at her school. The idea of moving to Malaga crossed my mind, but Im pretty content with what I have and where I am. Its very chill. Like me.

I have about 10 mins left to pump out my ideas, then Im off to the 5 year olds. Yesterday I worked with the 3 years old- and busted out a mean version of ¨the itsy bitsy spider¨. Smash hit. kids wents crazy. I then proceded to go visit the 4 year olds, and play number dancing games. Pretty sure I made a new best friend for life…this sweet little girl would not let go of me! And she only comes up past my knee. It was adorable, like her in her little purple dress and pig tails.

Then I went to the 3rd grade class. And then the 4th grade class. In these clases we attempted to speak English. I know they are kids,…but it was pretty unimpressive. But I of course enjoyed my time and the children are great.

I followed the bilingual teacher during this time, and kinda did what she told me to do. One of the funniest things she asked of me was to speak with a British accent. This is because obviously in Europe the English accent is that of the English people, and the school wishes a more standard form to be taught.

All I could think of was ¨My Fair Lady¨and Eliza Doolittle. I couldnt really take myself seriously to be honest. I think I slipped into Australian and Irish at some points.

Yikes…times running out I gotta go see whats in store for me today!

Peace out.

Day 14

Well first blog. Here goes.

I live in Spain. Atleast I wake up, sleep, cook, eat, watch tv and do the standard things in Spain, and have been doing them for the past 13 days. Not sure if Im really living here yet though. Its been like a bizarre vacation so far. I think Im half waiting for it to end,…yet I know its not. 8 months huh? I’ll be here for 8 months at least. Weird.

I woke up tired, disregarding the 11 hours of sleep I got. Didn’t do too much today actually. I used the free Yoga app I had downloaded yesterday. Im quite satisfied. Happy. Im happy with it. Laid in my underwear and I read. A lot. Anything is more than normal. Is really nice having time to read books, and enjoy them for the sake of enjoying them. Im happy with that. I made some pretty amazing breakfast/lunch/dinner? I dunno it was the first thing I had eaten it was 4:30pm. It was healthy…gave me energy to do some cleaning, although mess has never bothered me. Drank some wine and hung out on the balcony. Merlot. Not too much of it though…enough to enjoy. I showered 2x. Had so much fun the first time, thought Id do it again. Showering is kinda like swimming without the pool. Sorta. Maybe. Not really. I splish-splashed and sang pop songs out loud.

My apartment is pretty much awesome. I love it so much it took me till 8:00pm to leave it. When I did I proceeded to hit up the empanada stand. Spinach and Cheese…and cuz I was hungry Ham and Cheese. 2 empanadas down in 10 mins. They were flaky and delish.

Now Im sitting indifferent to the festival in town inside a cafe on the internet. They know me here…and say I have good Spanish. Even when I know its not true I like to hear that, I accept their polite lies.

Im not a complete bum…I did go out on Friday, and yesterday. Im glad I did. I didn’t want to go out at all initially, well beyond just a quick walk around, theres lots of people- lots of families and people much older and or much younger than I am. With a camera I don’t mind walking around, gives me something to do , and that I enjoy. But that got old,…and I was taking shitty pictures, that happens when you do something half-ass. With the festival are festival prices. Its expensive, and Ive already spent waaay too much anyways.

I did think to myself though,…I probably won’t meet anyone walking around. But I am 100% sure that I won’t meet anyone if I stay in my living room. So I went out. And I met people. People I really really like…and who are going to be around awhile.

Since when I write I tend to go on and on Im cutting myself off. Theres plenty of time for other details later. Besides I don’t know what to say. Im not in the mood for it.

I will say though that tomorrow I will be going to the school where I will be assisting teaching English. Im very excited, more just to have something routine to do…and I have  been assigned to little kids. Spanish little kids are very adorable. It will be interesting to see if they can understand me! Or maybe the other way around!

Thats that. First Blog over.