Day 14

Well first blog. Here goes.

I live in Spain. Atleast I wake up, sleep, cook, eat, watch tv and do the standard things in Spain, and have been doing them for the past 13 days. Not sure if Im really living here yet though. Its been like a bizarre vacation so far. I think Im half waiting for it to end,…yet I know its not. 8 months huh? I’ll be here for 8 months at least. Weird.

I woke up tired, disregarding the 11 hours of sleep I got. Didn’t do too much today actually. I used the free Yoga app I had downloaded yesterday. Im quite satisfied. Happy. Im happy with it. Laid in my underwear and I read. A lot. Anything is more than normal. Is really nice having time to read books, and enjoy them for the sake of enjoying them. Im happy with that. I made some pretty amazing breakfast/lunch/dinner? I dunno it was the first thing I had eaten it was 4:30pm. It was healthy…gave me energy to do some cleaning, although mess has never bothered me. Drank some wine and hung out on the balcony. Merlot. Not too much of it though…enough to enjoy. I showered 2x. Had so much fun the first time, thought Id do it again. Showering is kinda like swimming without the pool. Sorta. Maybe. Not really. I splish-splashed and sang pop songs out loud.

My apartment is pretty much awesome. I love it so much it took me till 8:00pm to leave it. When I did I proceeded to hit up the empanada stand. Spinach and Cheese…and cuz I was hungry Ham and Cheese. 2 empanadas down in 10 mins. They were flaky and delish.

Now Im sitting indifferent to the festival in town inside a cafe on the internet. They know me here…and say I have good Spanish. Even when I know its not true I like to hear that, I accept their polite lies.

Im not a complete bum…I did go out on Friday, and yesterday. Im glad I did. I didn’t want to go out at all initially, well beyond just a quick walk around, theres lots of people- lots of families and people much older and or much younger than I am. With a camera I don’t mind walking around, gives me something to do , and that I enjoy. But that got old,…and I was taking shitty pictures, that happens when you do something half-ass. With the festival are festival prices. Its expensive, and Ive already spent waaay too much anyways.

I did think to myself though,…I probably won’t meet anyone walking around. But I am 100% sure that I won’t meet anyone if I stay in my living room. So I went out. And I met people. People I really really like…and who are going to be around awhile.

Since when I write I tend to go on and on Im cutting myself off. Theres plenty of time for other details later. Besides I don’t know what to say. Im not in the mood for it.

I will say though that tomorrow I will be going to the school where I will be assisting teaching English. Im very excited, more just to have something routine to do…and I have  been assigned to little kids. Spanish little kids are very adorable. It will be interesting to see if they can understand me! Or maybe the other way around!

Thats that. First Blog over.


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