Day 17





First blog didnt go so bad, so I think I´ll stick with it!

Im actually at school right now, its 10 after 10 in the morning, and Im on facebook and wordpress…and getting paid. Not bad. In fact, I really don´t think anything has been to0 bad at all lately.

Monday was the first day of school. I showed up at 9am, because I thought that was a reasonable time to show up at. I met the staff, all very friendly and all very eager to show off their very limited English skills. But I will really enjoying getting to know them better, and learn from them as well.

I discovered that there is another girl, from California who will be doing the same as me. I would love to say that I was from California,..except for the fact that I had to witness the Spanish sing ¨…mumble mumble…HOTEL CALIFORNIA…mumble mumble¨to her all day. Also to add, her name is Tina and I think she´s wonderful.  She lives in Malaga and gets rides here everyday, which is also what Becky is doing at her school. The idea of moving to Malaga crossed my mind, but Im pretty content with what I have and where I am. Its very chill. Like me.

I have about 10 mins left to pump out my ideas, then Im off to the 5 year olds. Yesterday I worked with the 3 years old- and busted out a mean version of ¨the itsy bitsy spider¨. Smash hit. kids wents crazy. I then proceded to go visit the 4 year olds, and play number dancing games. Pretty sure I made a new best friend for life…this sweet little girl would not let go of me! And she only comes up past my knee. It was adorable, like her in her little purple dress and pig tails.

Then I went to the 3rd grade class. And then the 4th grade class. In these clases we attempted to speak English. I know they are kids,…but it was pretty unimpressive. But I of course enjoyed my time and the children are great.

I followed the bilingual teacher during this time, and kinda did what she told me to do. One of the funniest things she asked of me was to speak with a British accent. This is because obviously in Europe the English accent is that of the English people, and the school wishes a more standard form to be taught.

All I could think of was ¨My Fair Lady¨and Eliza Doolittle. I couldnt really take myself seriously to be honest. I think I slipped into Australian and Irish at some points.

Yikes…times running out I gotta go see whats in store for me today!

Peace out.


One thought on “Day 17

  1. Have an awesome time in Spain and if you need more inspiration for accents I would certainly give Nigel Thornberry a try.

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