Day 23

3 weeks and one day later Im still in Spain. Its a miracle! And most definatly not a dream.  Things are actually coming together quite nicely.

My apartment is shaping up.

The only complaint I would have would be that 4 out of 7 plants I bought have died. I only went away for a long weekend,… come on now, they couldn´t last till I came back? really?! But the cactus´made it. I think Im going to buy more of them. They have little flowers on them, so they aren´t that ugly. Oh the land lady came around last week for me to sign a contract. She came uninvited. I opened the door in my pjs (dispite it being 4pm). I didnt want to invite her in,…but she looked at me like I had no choice. I quick shut all the doors and apoligzed for the mess. Kid you not, she walked into the kitchen, put her hand over her heart with one hand, and the other hand on her forehead as if she had just walked into a war zone and witnessed something mad death and distruction. A FEW dirty dishes were out. A FEW socks were hanging out on the floor. A FEW papers were scattered around. Hey- I forewarned the woman. All she could mangage was a gasp, ¨ay Dios mio!¨ OMG. OMG was her reaction. Personally I thought it was a little dramatic. But she was kind enough to walk around and  SHOW me how one properly takes care of ones things. One fluffs the pillows. One sweeps the floor. One puts the books away when finished reading etc.

Now that I know how to live in an apartment like a decent person I feel liberated :p Just kidding. But after signing the contract I don´t expect her to be coming around anymore, so that means all her tacky fruit still life paintings…mmmhmmm coming down. The horrible elephant sculpture on top of the TV mmmhmmm in the closet, with all the other old people knicky knacks.

Just yesterday Ive started to make my own decorations. It feels good, and gives me something to do. I stayed in my sweatpants and old T-shirt all afternoon drinking red wine and eating salty Almonds making arts and crafts for the house, and listening to Blues music…IN BED!!! It was fantastic. Loved it. I thought to myself…maybe I should leave the house and go someplace with people. Then I thought well why would I want to do that? Are you kidding me, I just spent over 1 year of my life going to school and working 2 jobs- like 40-50 hours a week. Everyday I had to see, look at, talk to, listen to tons of people. I wanna enjoy the time spent not being around other people!! And thats what I did.

Well I have a million more things to say…but I´ll leave it for another blog. I wish to write blogs, not novels…

I have some pics to put up too, and theres no school tomorrow…so that should be a good time to do that : )

Peace everyone.


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