Day 25






Yesterday was Columbus Day so there was no school and the majority of the stores were closed down here en España. We really ought to celebrate that day don´t you think? Thank God Columbus discovered America! The Native Americans already living there would have been really screwed without him!

Anyways.  I ¨celebrated¨ in my own way, by making an awesomely delish Mexican/Gringo feast and drinking sparkiling red wine for breakfast. I continued to stay in my pjs for the entire day and never left the house. I worked on my arts and crafts…I have a few designated projects for myself. I want to live in a funky artsy house, be inspired when I wake up in the morning and before I sleep at night. I want to be crazy and eccentric and full of passion, excitement and motivation for the things that I came to do here in Spain.

I need to pick up my camera more!  Its a rather beautiful, powerful and very expensive piece of equipment, and Im hardly using it. Its digital. I know I need to read the manual and familarize myself with it…as well as name it-my camera, so that I can start to delevop a more personal relationship with it :p (and I´m not allowed to have pets in the house,…so other things like my cactus will be given names as well). I miss B&W 35mm film :/  BUUUT I think I found a darkroom I can use…and I know for sure a store that sells Ilford Film. BUUT I have to give digital a chance.

Having said that one of my projects today is to go and print of fotos that I like, by artists such as Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Francesca Woodman, Sally Mann, Henri Cartier Bresson etc… In Malaga I went to the contemporary art musuem and they had some books from famous Spanish photographers…I was really inpressed by a few of them, I´ll have to google them.

I just want art all around me. Pretty much sums that up.

Classes are over for today. I only worked 11:45-2. But I have to wait around till 3:25 to catch the bus. The school is in ¨El Morche¨and I live in ¨pueblo¨. Its phsyically possible to walk from school to my house, but we´d be talking hours.  Atleast 2. Which actually doesn´t seem so bad.  Im happy to be living in the pueblo, or the town part of the city (the city of Torrox). El Morche, and then Torrox Costa are right on the beach. I can literally watch people put on suntan lotion and swim from the classrooms. The beach is decent. Kind of pebbly, but     I´d say it beats Lake Michagan! Most definatley warmer thats for sure. There are little stores that dot the coast, and other developments, like housing etc… Lots of tourists, Germans and English around. A few of the teachers live in Torrox Costa. I live in Pueblo. I think its charming. Its in the mountains, and has cobblestone streets, and elderly people walking around, stray cats, Spanish guitarists chilln on benches….

I am looking for a bike to buy though, Id like to ride from pueblo to school…rather take the bus. The Morrocan guys that own the resturant-bar-hookah lounge next to my house say they can find me a 2nd hand bike for cheap. On a scale of 1-10 Id say Id trust them at a 6. Meaning, I enjoy their company but I´ll keep looking for a bike on my own as well.

At first when I came to Spain I had lost a lot of weight, because I was a picky eater,…and didn´t have time to eat…I was always walking around and doing things. Now I´m getting a little more plump lol. Its a shame that I cook so well :p jaja

Luis is here this weekend. I think we will be going to Malaga tomorrow, or atleast I will. I have some paperwork to do. Need to get a longer term visa. The one I have expires in December.  I also need to call the bank,… I have to start paying back student loans this month. Im actually looking forward to it,…I hate the idea of owing money.

Lifes pretty normal. Calm. Easy. Its not boring yet, its still exciting,…but Im anxious to do more.

Getting off the computer is the first step :p


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