Day 29






Its been officially 4 weeks today! I was thinking about that yesterday as I went for a walk. I accompanied Luis halfway to the bus stop for him to get back to Malaga. The walk wasn´t to far, but atleast 30mins.  To get back home I had to go up hill, and it was fairly warm and hot out, so I thought about things, all sorts of things… just to not be thinking that I probably shouldn´t be breaking a sweat by just walking.

On the way I passed one of my students, he was running…galloping actually, just like a little horse and then he darted into a house. He´s a bit chubby, super cute and very respectful. I can´t remember his name though, since I go to atleast 5 different classes, each with 20ish students in them its hard to recall all their names, especially when little Spanish kids have names like Jose Carlos, or Maria de la Luz, or Manuel Fernando. Thats just not fair. Thats learning 2 names for one kid. Regardless… I wouldn´t have said hi to the kiddo anyways…I was dressed like crap- I probably would have startled him and got him all confused.

I can´t believe its October already. It doesn´t feel that way because its so warm, and I can´t see the leaves changing. There is a tree outside my house that is loosing its leaves though. They blow in through the open window. A small little brownish green leaf scared me the other day. I thought it was a bug, because it hadn´t been there laying on the floor like that before…and I wasn´t wearing my contacts or glasses.  Bugs don´t scare me if I see them and know that theyre there…its when they creep up on you, or you look and they are suddenly there,…or even worse TOUCH you…thats horrible. I´ll freak out if that happens. I saw a little thing with tons of legs chillin in the bathroom sink the other day. I wanted to throw up. I made an attempt to kill it,…but I scared it and it creepy crawled its way into a corner. Hasn´t come back since…but I check for it everytime I go in the bathroom. Just to be on the safe side.

Other more pleasant creatures have also found refuge in my home as well. Theres been a black kitten that hangs out around the neighboorhood, and Ive been joking that Im going to steal a cat off the street make it my pet, and when I have to leave Spain I can just throw it back on the street again and not feel bad about it, beacuse it already has the skills to survive.

That kinda happened this weekend. Fortuna- is what I call him ( I like girl names, but only boy animals ) and he happened to be the same street on the very same day at the very same time as me. I have this horrible shitty salmon in the fridge, the painful reminder of my first homemade sushi gone terrible…and with that Luis, who was with me- and who can make really good cat noises, and I baited the kitten to come to the door. To get the kitten inside we had to use milk…and cheese. Fortuna was a little scared at first, but we left the door to the street open, to make him think that he could leave at anytime. He ended up eating a ton of the salmon. So it worked out well for the both of us. He let me hold him like a little baby and make little baby noises to him. He did hit me in the face with his paw. 3 times. I think he thought it was funny, but lots of babies think that things that are actually annoying are funny, so I didn’t take it personal ;p But we bonded and he fell asleep in the chair for a good while. I felt bad kicking him out at the end of the night,.. but I just didn’t want him around while I was sleeping, purring and clawing at the wood furniture. He hung outside the door and meowed. I felt really bad. I looked outside the window and him and I made eye contact. Thats the worse. He hasn’t come back in a few days…he has a collar with a little bell on it…so he’s probably eating dry cat food somewhere else. But when he wants salmon, he’ll be back. Oooohhh he’ll be back.


One thought on “Day 29

  1. Carol says:

    You crack me up!! Thanks for sharing these stories. I truly am interested in your life over there and I am glad that you are enjoying it. I think this blog is a great way for people to live this journey with you to a small degree. Have fun!!!

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