Day 35

I prefer radio or print information/ entertainment. I don’t really like T.V.

I think it often misinforms, poisons, and makes people fat and lazy. Of course Im not going to say though that I don’t watch T.V!  There is quality and entertainment to be found! Sport games, PBS ( like Independent Lens ) or other certain stations like NatGeo or the Travel Channel are excellent. I will admit to watching and enjoying shows like American’s Next Top Model though. Shows that really don’t benefit anything…or Most Extreme Elimination! (which is on here on Sundays! Yesss!) I LOVE that show. Watching people fall, or have things thrown at them, or get hurt  from the comfort of my home is hilarious. I always laugh the whole time. Plus Japanese are crazy. You can quote me on that.

Jersey Shore Italian season is on here in Spain. I started watching it. What an absolute waste of time. I had to stop because I started feeling the tingling of my brain cells dying. It was a little funny though, because since coming to Spain I’ve met Americans like that. GTL and drinky party sexy. Not really what I’m looking for right now. Its not all that glamorous anyways…at least not at the Jersey shore level!

Another drinky, party, sexy show, Sex in the City is on TV right now. One of the earlier seasons, Carrie just met Haden for the first time. I never really followed the show much, but I did go out and see the first movie at the theatre with a girl friend of mine after drinking one too many martinis and laughing and gossiping the whole time. Fitting for the occasion I’d say. Watching the adventures and wild events of these 4 woman, has me thinking though about one of the recent male additions in my life here in Torrox, although my story lacks sex, alcohol, and designer clothing.

Info on my new man:

Name: Joe (also calls himself Jose)

Age range: 70-85 yrs (hard to tell, he has a 50 yr old son, and a 89yr old friend of his just had a stroke)

From: Originally England, but  family moved to Tunisia (Northern Africa) when he was young.

Lives:  Alone in El Morche (a block from where I teach) for the past 16 years. He has also lived 7 years in France, and for a short time in Vancouver, Canada.

Status: Single, Divorced. 4 children (living in England, Sweden, Canada and France) and has at least 3 grandchildren that we talked about.

Profession: Retired. Traveler.

Physical Traits: Shorter than 5″3 (me) that still be true even if he stood up straight. Faded big brown eyes. Missing almost all his teeth but has a nice smile. White hair kept well. Very thin, almost tiny. Lots of laugh and smile lines : )

Positives going for him: Mental sharpness. Outgoing. Spontaneous. Charming. Funny.Generous. Has good rhythm and enjoys dance ( he’s tried Zumba!! ). Good stories to tell – some real some stretched. He smells like an earthy sweet tobacco. Has a pirate flag. Free spirit.

Negatives against him: Poor sight, and dangerous driver. Chain smoker.

Joe and I met last Friday afternoon and had a date later that night.

It all came to be as I was waiting to catch the bus home from school. Joe pulled up in a red old beat up English car. I had never seen an English car. They look very strange, with the wheel on the right side. He noticed me looking at, when he got out of the car which he had just parked in front of me.

He said, “Hello. Whatcha looking at?”

“Your car. I’ve never seen one like it before”

“What do you mean?”

“The wheel is on the right side”

“Well of course! Its English”

” I’ve never seen an English car before”

” Where are you going? ”

“El Pueblo”

” Alright. Let me run to the store and I’ll take you”.

That was that. Im trying to get in my head that Im here for a reason and the things that happen to me are happening for a reason. With that in mind I accepted his offer and he drove me to my place. Not without of course almost running off the side of the road, and almost hitting a pedestrian! I sat in the left side of the car, left hand clenching the door trying not to let my nerves get the best of me!

When you speed and drive like a maniac it takes almost no time to reach pueblo from the coast. So although the time was short we chatted a bit. He was really sweet, and I’ve always had a soft spot for old people. He was talking about music, and how he loves to dance. He said I should come visit him sometime and we could listen to music, and he’d give me his bottles of French wine he has. He said he wasn’t allowed to drink anymore, just milk and water!

There just so happened to be a Tango orchestra concert in Nerja (the next town over, 9km away ) that night that I was planning to go to  it alone,…so I invited him to come with me.

It was a date.

Joe doesn’t feel comfortable driving at night so he was going to arrange for a taxi to take us to Nerja. It worked out perfect that Kal (which is another story in and of itself! ) the owner of the Moroccan bar by my house was going to Nerja and agreed to take us both there.

Its been a very long time since Ive been on a first date. Joe said he’d invite my ticket (it was 10 euros) so I dressed up nice. Nothing crazy. I wore a sweater and a  black skirt. I had a red flower in my hair, and put a pink flower in Joe’s pocket. Joe had these snazzy modern tennis shoes on ( I was impressed they had laces no velcro) and he had khakis and a button up shirt, with a T-shirt from Las Vegas underneath. He was stylin.Pretty sure we were the red carpet couple of the event.

We made it just in time too, the tickets were going fast, we got some of the last ones in the back row. The lady who sold the tickets made it sound as if it was unfortunate…but in reality I could see just fine, it wasn’t far away at all…for a 24 yr old pair of eyes.

Being in the last row I could pretty much tell the ages of everyone else there. The grey, white, and shiny bald heads were evenly dispersed throughout the room. I did see one other person under the age of 60, a kid maybe 15, although its my guess that most kids don’t appreciate the fine art of tango, so she was probably forced to be there by her grandparents.

Joe made this funny joke before the lights went out, he’s like I hope the dim the lights soon, this guys is blinding me! ” referring to the light blaring off the bald guy in front of him”

The show was good. I really enjoyed it. The woman had these beautiful dresses that were made even more beautiful which each move they danced to. Joe and and I danced a little bit in our seats too!

After the conert which lasted 2 hours Joe said he was hungry. He told me he had lost 3kg and needed to eat. I told him fancy that! I had just gained 3 kg, we should trade. But being that he was pretty fragile, I thought it was a good idea if he ate something. We couldn’t find a restaurant but we went to a bar and he ordered a glass of cold milk, and I had Di Serrano on the rocks.

We got to talk about all sorts of things! He had so many interesting stories! He told these funny jokes too..I wouldn’t realize they were jokes at first because he’s say them so seriously,  but they would be to crazy to be true.

Joe is really a different type of person. Once someone starts to travel around a bit, you start to meet people like Joe, people that don’t quite do things like everyone else, and who have found their own answer for how to live their life. Its really refreshing to meet someone like that, and it makes me feel less crazy for doing some of  the things I do.

Joe paid for the taxi to take me home. I tried to pay and he just got all upset at me and waved his tiny arms in the air and told me not to make him angry. I did secretly laugh a little bit inside, but I  graciously accepted his kindness.

Naturally and obviously it wasn’t a real “date” nor will it turn into some kinky Playboy thing, but I really enjoyed my time with my new friend. I look at it this way, older people have a lot to teach me if Im willing to listen and learn,…and I’m sure he enjoys my company just as much as I enjoy his. Also, when one has no friends, one can’t afford to be picky :p

I plan to have lunch with him soon and investigate these claims of French wine…


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