Day 45










This past Halloween weekend was rather eventful, as it should always be.

Thursday night my little red suitcase and I left my little sleepy mountain village and headed for the lights and bustle of the city called Madrid. Madrid is really something else. If you’ve never been I highly recommend it. I find it refreshing to be consumed by its urban sprawl, especially  now that I live in Torrox. Such was the case that I took advantage of my time spent there, and ended up having a wonderful time!

Although I left on Thursday I arrived in the wee hours of Friday morning. I think its smarter to take the night buses, I end up sleeping either way on buses, tired or not, its weird,…so I figure might as well go during a ‘normal’ sleeping time anyways.  This trip I actually didn’t sleep that much. Sometimes on buses I can give the impression that Im sort of, well,.. ‘an asshole’ . That means Id like to pretend that your not overweight and touching me the whole ride, or that your “cute” screaming baby isn’t driving me crazy, or  its the simple matter of my not understanding why you feel to advertise your crappy taste in music and blare it from your cheap cell phone!!! I really don’t mean to be an asshole. Im just not normally into being social in situations like that. Sometimes I am though. Thursday I was, and it turned out nicely.

We sat next to each other. Conversation started out in German. Turned to English. Turned to Spanish. His name’s John. But he spells it Jhon. He corrected me when I put it in my phone wrong. He’s from Colombia originally, but has lived in Madrid for the past 4 years. We actually talked quite a bit. He was good company. I shared  with him my 1.5o Euro wine I smuggled in a used plastic water bottle, and he gave me some chips.

So I got to Madrid pretty early like I said. Then again to me, anything before 10am is pretty early,…so 5am is rather outrageous if your not in a club or some a-bar.

I get my days mixed up sometimes when I try to think back and remember everything, but Friday was the day I believe that I slept a bit, went out and ate a bit, walked around a lot, but the coolest part was going and seeing a contemporary art exhibit, and then heading to photography exhibit!!! The art was early female photographers,…I gotta say thanks to the awesome Prof Sarah and Photo 1 for giving me the skills to appreciate and recognize some of the artists and their work. Highlights included photos from Tina Modotti and Ms. Frida Kahlo herself!!! Pretty Wicked!! Then I saw a free film about a Nicaraguan girl who dreamed of becoming a boxer. The film was followed by a delicious kiwi daiquiri  sipped in a dark corner of some hidden artsy pub of downtown Madrid.

Saturaday got even better. That was the day I went to Warner Amusement Park. Halloween+roller coasters= I think yes!!! Some of the advantages of going to Theme Parks during Halloween include: the cool decorations, the nice weather, and the short lines! I went on some 11 rides the whole day,…thats quite good! Theres nothing like a 2.5 hour wait to kill your spirits…the max I waited was maybe 35mins. Very worth it. It was a wooden roller coster. I tried to take my camera and make a video…but I kept screaming and hanging on too tight :p …maybe best that way! Oh and probably the highlight of that day was conquering my fear,…my serious fear of that one ride…you know the one that shoots you up way high and its just a straight drop down. It makes me sick to look at it. In 5th grade I went to Six Flags with my choir group. I cried going on the Raging Bull.Its not like Im proud of that,…just saying. True Story.

But I was convinced, and coaxed to try the drop. It was pretty much torture waiting in line for it. But I figured,…I just gotta get myself in that chair,..thats the hardest part, then whatever happens happens, its out of my control. I think my heart stopped a little bit when I got to the top, as all my innards were pulled to the bottom. I kinda freaked out a bit,…I couldn’t even scream,…I flapped my arms like chicken…because I felt like a chicken. Then I fell as if plummeting to my death. Then it was over, and I took a deep breath, and laughed and smiled a little bit. But walked straight away. Once was enough!

Sunday I went to check out the famous Rasto…a huge flea market. I strolled around enjoying looking at the booths. There were standard flea market items, including lots of earrings. I resisted any purchases, telling myself I really didn’t need anything. Besides it was very very crowed, so I just kept with the flow of the herd of people. After all that “window” shopping I had worked up quite the appetite and satisfied it by taking the “tapas of the world” self guided mini tour. 1 euro me a various international tapa. I had 2 different tasty Indian things, and some couscous. Delish.

That night I had some tostadas with beans, and guacamole…it went well with scary movies on TV. I hadn’t seen “Halloween” before. I watched it with Luis.He kept calling the killer Mike Meyers. “look Mike Meyers is behind them…” I said that calling him Mike Myers took the scary out of the movie, as if  he would take off his mask and suddenly say, “Groovy Baby”. So we called him “Halloween” instead. It had been a long day, that was the extent to our creativity.

And then Sunday ended and Monday began. Monday was Halloween. But thats a story for tomorrow.


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