Day 48

Had a hard time getting up this morning.

First thing to start my day off,…first thing I see when I open my eyes is this black spot on the couch. Make a grab for the glasses. Its 2 flies just going at it! Mating right there, no shame on my couch inches away from me. *rolls eyes* If I wanted to see that Id watch more cable. Needless to say I wasn’t taking one for the team. I broke up the party, and killed one of them. I figured thats gotta be one of the best and happiest ways to go anyways.

Also my back is stiff and my arms are sore today too. I did ‘aerobics class’ yesterday in my bedroom. Put on an electronica-house play list and fake jump roped, and jumping jacks, and danced around and did cardio kick boxing. I like to pretend Im bad ass.

So last night I met up with Lila a girl a few years older than me, from Greece and who is teaching German/English in Torrox. We met at least a month ago now, I don’t remember if Ive talked about her yet,…but we met at the cafe and walked around town with her dad while the fair was happening. She’s a really nice and sweet person and very pretty too. I find it very interesting that she’s from Greece, and not just any place either,…from Crete! Thats amazing! I think I’ve wanted to go there since always.

Lila and I checked out an Indian restaurant near her apartment on the coast. Before we ate she showed me a gym by her house. She had gone there before but doesn’t speak Spanish, didn’t really accomplish anything. We both went and had a look around. Seems pretty decent. It was clean and modernish,… smelled strongly like man. Sweaty man rather. Normal man smells good. They have pilates and spinning classes. Id go with Lila I suppose.

Indian food was great! Far better than the broccoli and yogurt I had for lunch. Those 2 don’t even go together?? I got some spinach dish and naan. Lila got Tikka Masala and rice. We shared. It was a good idea. Her and I might hang out again tonight. Leaving the restaurant though I saw the young couple I also met one of the nights I left the house during the fair grabbing some takeout. I wasn’t shy…and I really liked them, they were super friendly and cool people,…but I dunno I just walked out quick and didn’t look at them. I don’t know why I didn’t say hi. I felt bad about that afterwards.

Wow Leanne Rimes is on the radio. Spain offers the strangest selection of English music sometimes. Sunday nights one station has 80s music. I definitely listen to that. I used to  jam out while I cooked and danced around.

That was before the new guy moved in across the street. My kitchen window looks directly into his. He’s always sitting down in front of the window writing, or reading I can’t tell. I haven’t really payed that much attention to him, but he’s 30ish early 40ish. I think he lives alone.

I only think about that because I had my headphones in the other day and I was playing this crazy electronic remix of songs sung in various indigenous or less often heard languages (like Pigmy). Yeah its crazy. Deep Forest. Youtube it. Sooo I was letting loose in the kitchen to this awesome music, then I jamed out in my interpretation in front of the window, totally oblivious to this man. Then I suddenly realized he was there and I kinda got embarrassed and just ducked down.


Stupid thing to do.

SO I squatted there in the kitchen…thinking that. That this is really stupid to feel silly in my own kitchen, as if he cares if crazy dance or not. SO I calmly stood back up…but did close the blinds. And continued with what I had been doing.

Im not particularily interested in his friendship. But it would be nice to make him something as a welcome to the ‘neighborhood’. I think its weird to live so close to people and see them all the time and not accoknoweldge them. I thought about this BEFORE my wash machine stopped working this morning. But maybe if I do bring him something he’ll look at it for me.

Just a thought.


One thought on “Day 48

  1. gbcs says:

    You’re too damn beautiful

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