Day 54



Ive been well. Thanks for asking. No really, I’ve got some very sweet responses on Facebook, and its appreciated.

Things have been pretty normal. Ya no soy llorona thats so thats good. Sunday was a pretty overall crappy day though,…besides the whole ex-boyfriend issue my wash machine broke. Maybe it over heard our conversation and thought it would be funny? I told the land lady about it, she gave me a number to call and said to arrange for someone to fix it, and then I can pay for it and she’ll pay me back. Whatever. So I had been calling this number twice everyday since Sunday, I didn’t get a response till yesterday. It was a woman, and she took my address and asked for my number so the technician fixer man can call me to make an appointment. I tried to give her my cell number. I had to say it nearly 10 times! I felt like I was in Spanish 101 again. She wasn’t able to distinguish my seis 6 between my tres 3. When I said tres 3, I then made it worse by saying, como 1,2,3…tres. So then she thought that the 1 and 2 came before the three as well.


We did get it straightened out. Atleast I thought,…but its been awhile and no-one’s called me yet. I’m getting a little concerned, I only have 6 pairs of underwear left. SEIS not TRES.

So I’ve been getting pretty ansy lately. I wanna protest and make myself useful. All this excitement on Wall Street, and in Oakland and other areas makes me itch to do something for something. I have been in one protest in Spain already,….a massive one in Madrid. It was for education. A great turn out, the streets were filled with people! I joined and took pictures. Its really wonderful to see people actively participate in their lives and society.

Torrox is a bit too sleepy and relaxed. I thought about various ideas for a movement…I have a few in mind. One that really stands out would be one against Vodafone,…my cell and internet carrier. You know they are really sneaky. Their little icon for the company is a little red raindrop. Atleast thats what I thought at first. THEN I came to realize that its NOT a raindrop…its a red bloody/tear drop!! It symbolizes the pain and tears shead after giving them your money and realizing that they are worthless company.Im currently making T-shirts and posters I can use in my protest against them. ;p

But I have had some activity this week.

Monday I went out to lunch with Encarna, the music teacher. She’s really sweet, I mean that…she’s just a really nice and sincere person. There a bit of an age gap between us, but we don’t think about that. We had been talking a bit awhile back and she was very honest and open with me and told me that now a month and half ago her boyfriend of 15 years died. I didn’t ask how,..I didn’t want to be too noisy, and she saw that when she told me I was a little speechless.  But that makes me want to know her even more. Not out of pity, but because both her and I feel a sort of loneliness,…although on different levels of course, I wouldn’t compare mine to hers.

Wednesday I went to the Chinese restaurant and a nice but awkward looking Chinese man invited me to a shot of Peach Schnapps and gave me a free 2012 Calendar. I liked them both.

Also on Wednesday I had my first private English lesson. It was to the 15 year old son of the school director. It went really well. He’s a pretty smart boy and we were able to accomplish quite a bit, but he will still be a lot of work,but I like challenges. He is 15 though…and he offered me vodka to drink. He said it was good, and I should try it…. um. 15 years old. I told him I hadn’t even tasted alcohol till I was 18, which technically isn’t true…but was the age I first got drunk. My girlfriend and I made crazy cocktails with triple-sec  at her house, and then locked ourselves out of the house…I think I streaked around the neighborhood and jumped on my car…and peed in her bushes. I left those details out. The 15 year old just replied that Spanish kids grow up fast. I left it at that.

Thursday was interesting. Well for Torrox at least. Lila gave me a call and invited me to come to an event that the 3 bilingual schools in the pueblo were putting on. The schools are bilingual Spanish-German. I guess I don’t understand why exactly that is. But regardless all the children from 3 years to 6th grade made paper lanterns and walked around the town singing German songs. It was pretty cute, and a nice thing for the town. The parents got to spend time with the children and all the community was out on the streets and looking on from their balconies.

Now for tomorrow I am giving another private English class. A teachers husband who wants help for his accounting business. But wait, it gets better. He’s coming over at 9:30am. That sounds like fun. Maybe if I don’t fall asleep first I’ll teach him something. Just kidding. I’m excited.

Oh! And another accomplishment I made was opening a bank account today. Doesn’t seem special, but its going to save me a lot in the long run not having to bother with transaction fees. Hopefully these teaching English classes will continue to go well and I’ll fill that account right up ; )

Blah…Im getting kicked out of the cafe now…

So basically lately its been more uphill than downhill. Thats good. I can handle that.


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