Day 60

Today’s post is a little shout out to anyone reading this who might be having a bad day, or just needs a little smile or a laugh. I would love to make you happy at my expense, and it wouldn’t really be laughing AT me,…but more with me. Because its impossible to take myself seriously.

Let me explain.

Last week. At school. Tina comes up to me. Tells me about a little interesting school project the director told her she and I were both expected to participate in. Ok. So far so good.

Its a song. A Spanish song…. That we are going to be singing. And recording. And making a music video of. And showing to all the parents.

At this point it sounds suspicious…and not very fun…

Tina proceeds to hand me the lyrics to the song. Its titled “Se acabaron las lagrimas” ( to the effect of the tears stop, or no more tears…)

Here are parts of the song roughly translated by me- my bad if its not perfect

Cuando sientes frio en la mirada ( when you feel a chill in the look )
cuando alguien a roto tu sonrisa de cristal (when someone’s broke your cristal smile)
y tu carita de porcelana se acuerda de su mano (and your porcelain face remembers their hand)
mano de metal (hand of metal)

other lyrics…
mira  (look!)
escapa que la vida se acaba, que los sueños se gastan, los minutos se marchan (overlook that life ends, dreams are spent, minutes fly by)
salta que la calma te abraza, los momentos se pasan y se te muere el alma (jump! The calm or that calmness hugs you, that the moments pass and your soul breaks?)
ai el alma…..(ay the soul)

cuando sientes que nunca lo estrañas, ( when you feel that it never involves you?)
y la lluvia cae castigando la ciudad ( and the rain falls punishing the city)
ver algo tan loca en tu alma ( to see something so crazy in your soul )
sus barcas en tus ojos ( the boats in your eyes)
y tus escudos no podrán remar ( and your shields can’t row)

Those were more or less the parts of the song -lyrics and the translation- that really had me confused. One, as to what the song was about and how it related to anything dealing with the elementary school. Two, and more importantly, as to why the hell we had to perform this song for everyone. But I work 12 hours a week and get paid to not do much, so its really not my place to make a fuss. But I definitely thought the song was bogus.

So after secretly thinking this whole thing is stupid, the head director tells me I have to be ready for the next day because he’d be video recording Tina and I singing the song. Only then am I explained that we are singing this song for Dia de la Mujer- or a day for  women, and to be against violence towards them! Only then does it make sense! …hand of metal…porcelain face…soul breaking…!!!! SO I felt kinda guilty for not taking it seriously at first, but it was nice that the whole school was getting together to do something. Juanma, the director then showed me on youtube the original song, and the music video which includes women sad at first, but then feeling free and happy… and so we would be doing the same thing, but using teachers and then having some of the mothers of the school children involved as well.

So it ended up being for a good reason. But that doesn’t mean it our performance wasn’t funny! Tina and I hadn’t studied the lyrics, and the song is kinda long and a bit fast at parts. Then we were expected to dance and act things out.

Im just going to leave it at that and let the video speak for itself. This is what I recorded,…hopefully when its all put together it will be put on youtube and I can share the link…

so enjoy,…and its ok to laugh! I hope you do!

Link to Original Song:

Link to Tina and I: ( it should work,…someone let me know if it doesn’t!)

: )


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