Day 89

Hi everyone! I’m surprised my blog is still getting viewed after a week without posting anything new. So thanks for caring enough to check it. I have a post I made about my general life and what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve actually had a lot happen ( a lot for me in Torrox anyways ) but I wanted to take a step back and address something I feel is important.

Tomorrow is Bradley Manning’s 24th Birthday! I decided to show my support for him by replacing my perhaps notoriously vain FB profile pics with an image of Bradley instead. What I got was a response from someone who I know,…and would say who’s opinions I  respect,…but in this case strongly disagree with.

The following is a copy of the FB conversation, not posted to ‘one up’ or ‘gang up’ on this person,…but I think it poses a valid argument, one I which to argue. No hard feelings are meant by this, I hope none are taken.

    • Other Person

      I normally wouldn’t butt in, BUUUUUUUTTT, as a US Soldier, you sign a contract saying you will not do anything to endanger the United States and this includes releasing classified documents that can damage relations. As a soldier, he was breaking almost every oath he made. This kind of information isn’t free, is never meant to be free, and is only misunderstood by the general public. This soldier is going to spend a lot of time at the Federal Prison at Ft. Leavenworth and not one US Serviceman past or present will shed a tear for him.
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    • MEYes you would normally butt in : ) but thats ok. Bradley Manning leaked this information to spark “worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms”.It is true that Manning signed an oath and now faces 22 charges including aiding the enemy. He actually released quite a lot of information but the result of which as quoted by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has called their affect on U.S. foreign relations “fairly modest.”

      The information uncovers rather a lot of disturbing truths about the activities of our military, an example of this would be the leak of the “Collateral Murder” video in which civilians are the target of US attack.

      In response to your comment about this information isn’t free, nor should it be, as well as it is misunderstood by the general public, I would argue that actually this information is pretty easy to understand and the general public should have access to it.

      The general public, including Americans and the worldwide community have the right to know about the corruption, human rights abuses, mistreatment and injust practices that our government oversees and partakes in.

      As a public we have the duty to be aware and conscious of the actions of our elected government. I did not and do not support the War in Afghanistan or in Iraq. Information like this gives me proof and a reason beyond general suspicion that more goes on then what we are told.

      I feel it is patriotic to fight for the best for ones country, to hold it to high standards and to call it out when it is in the wrong. Its quite the general claim, and without support to say that not US serviceman will shed a tear for him. Actually many are against what is happening, including servicemen who are showing concern for their country and its international policies.

      In addition, not only are the claims of Manning at issue but as well as the treatment of Manning. Certain unique and torturous conditions were carried out on him while he was in solitary confinement in clear violation of the Eight Amendment.

      I would like to just stress again the importance of truth.

      These US wars have been costly on many levels. The public has the RIGHT to know what is happening, this is needed to be able to discuss and and make informed decisions. Clearly the US has things it wants to hide, and people like Manning help hold our country accountable to its actions.

      This is what is needed for peace and for freedom.

      I encourage you to check out
      for more information and latest news and updates.


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