Day 96


I know, I know, thats not an exciting way to spill the beans on my secret holiday destination! However I say no attention getter needed, because to me that IS the attention getter! Besides its Thursday morning already for heavens sake and I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon. No time for fluff.

Well I suppose to backtrack for anyone who missed my FB post, I bought a plane ticket on Tuesday during lunch break at school and whipped up some hostel connections as well. That was preluded of course by squeals and shrieks (buying airline tickets really gets me worked up ) and then finished with a standard ‘happy dance’ ( buying plane tickets really puts me in a good mood).

What others may call scrambled plans made last minute I’d like to consider beautiful surprises awaiting : )

It was actually a bit of a toss up of what I was going to do for Christmas as always I had a a few ideas in my head. I had in invite to Morocco, an urge for Turkey, a cheap flight to France…but it really was just all about leaving Torrox. I went with Portugal though, I think I have a nice rough plan- Im going to Lisbon first and staying there the longest.  I would have taken a bus direct leaving from Malaga which would have been hell, lasting like 11 hours, and my brilliant solution was to either take cough syrup or drink lots of straight vodka, not enough to be sick, just enough to pass out. But thanks to on a random curious search I landed a flight from Malaga to Lisbon, only 1 hour which gives me an extra day, and is only $20 more than the bus ticket. Thats a score.

Now I’m left to finishing up some last minutes, I’m trying not to procrastinate, but ha….who am I kidding? It’s me! I’m procrastinating big time! Its just stupid stuff I have to do though.


– Clean the house so its nice when I come back…which I already know I’m not going to do, I’ll talk myself out of it…and probably out loud because slowly solitude makes me a little more crazy each day  ( hello…it happens, Tom Hanks and Wilson!).

– Eat all the perishables in the fridge…I’m on an energy saving kick, and want to unplug the fridge while I’m gone. This leaves me the daunting task of eating 5 packs of Greek yogurt tomorrow, and not paying attention in the store I bought the natural kind thats unsweetened, which yay is more healthy but certainly not any more tasty. I have a few olives…and a few fixings for huevos y frijoles and guacamole, and Im taking my chances that the OJ will be fine I don’t think I can drink that much fruit juice and not feel sick. I already steamed the broccoli and asparagus for dinner. I felt like I was punishing myself while I ate it.  I don’t think canned jalapeños go bad,…the spicy keeps them good. I don’t know…Im going to stick with that because no way am I eating a can of jalapeños.

-Do laundry. Easy enough as long as the weather is decent, all air dries, but yesterday was sunny and warm, so should be fine.

-PACK. I think I might use my official backpacker backpack. The sore shoulders it gives me makes me feel more rugged and adventurous, besides it must feel neglected its been since Guatemala last summer that I used it.

-Learn basic Portuguese phrases. I think Portuguese is a really sexy language, so I’m excited about that.

-COUCH requests got to go out

-Look up how to get to the airport!?

-Mmmm and a bunch of other little things.


It’ll be fine. I have 17 days of vacation coming to me starting tomorrow. It will be more than fine.

I know I’m saying this over and over but I’m so excited for this! I do want to mention though that I was very touched by a few invitations that I received to stay with people for Christmas. Amanda- the English woman I eat lunch with Encarna every Monday invited me to her family dinner, which was awfully sweet and the simple gesture of offering that meant a lot to me. Same with Juaquina, the director of the school and I give private lessons to her son, yesterday she invited me to her house. She’s comes up to me yesterday and says ” Yessica, you eat with my family if you want. You call and you say to me. Look I am coming to your house you make me a plate to eat! ” lol that was really nice. She is really nice, one time I had a cold and she told me that she knows that I’m old enough and that she’s not my mom,…but if I’m ever feeling sick, or lonely or need a ‘mom’ she’ll be my Spanish ‘mom’. That was the sweetest thing ever, I gave her a big hug,…and took home some of the medicine she gave me to feel better : ) Then last night I actually got 2 CouchSurfing messages, one from a girl in Sevilla and another from a guy in Cordoba….I don’t know either of them, but they both sent me messages saying more or less,…I see your traveling alone during Christmas, if you would like I would be happy to have you come stay with me for this time etc… WOW! I mean thats icing on the cake, when random people reach out to you like that its really touching! There are obviously moments when you travel alone and you do feel alone, so when people go out of their way to be kind it means a lot. Especially when its Christmas : )

Wuaaahhh….I have to get going. Things to do. Things to do. Atleast, last minute frantic Christmas present shopping isn’t one of them! : p

I wish everyone an early and very happy holidays! Remember to never take the time with your friends and family for granted!

MMmk…I’ll write again when I get there! ; )


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