Day 109 continued


A deep breath. A warm smile. A big hug. A cup of hot chocolate. A friend named Julio.

These things do wonders to someone who is feeling down.

Not to mention the virtual hugs and ‘hang in theres’! You guys are seriously the best. Thank you for being there for me. It means so much, it really does. Even on the bus to Sevilla I felt the good vibes reach me, working their magic.

I HAVE safely arrived in Sevilla.

As an update, I’m ok. Like I said I had my bus ticket already paid for and in my pocket to get to Spain, which was the important thing. In Spain I have a bank, and I have 80 Euros in my account, so if I go there tomorrow it will be enough to get me home and last me awhile,…plus I should be giving more English classes normally making 30 Euros extra a week. So that will be fine.

The pain is going to be getting a new US card issued, and I’m bummed about my drivers license. It had a nice picture, which is hard to get at the DMV, and I was hoping to rent a car in the near future. I don’t know if they take photo copies? Maybe. Its a minor issue in the long run.

Im very grateful for everyones support. When you travel by yourself sometimes small things seem bigger than what they really are. It does suck I was robbed, but it will be ok. And having a friend in Sevilla makes things possible. Julio will let me stay with him tonight and take care of me, and that feels really great to have someone who in reality I spent little time (couch surfing) with would do something so generous for me.

Its my plan to head back to Torrox tomorrow and take it easy. I think I would need that anyways. Portugal was great, but I miss my little pueblo.

Well I have to run,  good night. I send hugs and good vibes back to everyone too.




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