Day 109

This fucking sucks big time.

For starters Im in McDonalds.

I hate this place.

Especially when I’m traveling abroad. There is this blown up picture of a disgusting bacon wrap just glaring at me.

Thats not helping.

Secondly I think I’m getting my period. So I’m sad and angry MORE than what I would have already been.

Oh and Third I have no fucking money, house key, drivers license, school ID, US debit card, Spain debit card, OR my favorite green tea travel bags.

Somehow somewhere I got pick pocketed in Faro, Portgual on my way to Spain. Don’t know how it happened. Obviously. Or I would have kicked the ass of the person who did it.

THE GOOD. I have my MAC. My Cameras. Phone. NIE. Bus ticket to Sevilla which leaves soon…I gotta get going.

Im going to be fine. So nobody call and tell my mom and get her all worked up.

It just fucking blows.

I need to breathe and chill out for a sec.

I just wanted to steal Mc D’s free internet for a bit and vent and drop some F bombs.

I’m feeling better a little bit.

Well if anyone reads this please think of me and send me a good thought or vibe,…maybe a hug too? I could use it.


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