Day 134

The beginning has now become the end and I’m back to where I’ve started. But of course its the in-between that matters most and what I will take with me. And these things I take with me I keep them for myself. They stay in my mind as sweet caresses to my memory.

Just sat down for a 6 hour bus ride back to Malaga.

I really scored this trip with the buses. On the way to Madrid my travel companion was a little boy in 6th grade. He was tiny and quiet. I loved it. He was a little cutie and did his homework…working on Don Quixote  from what it looked like. Later on in the trip I was catching up on Democracy Now!  podcasts and offered him my MP3 player to use and he listened to Bachata the whole time. I listened to his small feet tap to the beat and without hearing the music I could imagine it.

I have a pretty good spot on this bus now and I’ll most likely be passing out soon.

Madrid went better than well and if I think about it too much I’ll get sentimental, especially while Al Green flows through my headphones.

I didn’t want to have any expectations for Madrid, sometimes I try too hard when I should just take things as they come and for the most part thats how it went and by doing so I had an exceptional time.

But now its back to Torrox. My home and where I belong for now. Im happy in a sweet sad way to return. I have things to focus on, projects, plans and goals. I’ll be taking it easy the next weeks most likely, I gotta watch my money…and so far I’ve only witness it slowly dwindle. I’ll need to save, as most likely I’ll be going to France next month. So I’ll need to learn some French.

Here’s what I got so far:

Hello. How are you. Oh la la. Cat. Black. Red. White. Green. Cheese. Monday. Wednesday. Sunday. I’m lost. I’m magnificent (although does that even count? can one really seriously say that about oneself out loud?). Please to meet you. I don’t understand. Shit. My name is Jessica. Yes. No. Will you sleep with me tonight ( everybody knows that one and it would be my guess French speakers get sick of the jokes people who don’t speak French make with that phrase) Why. Wine. 1 2 3 4 6 9 10 Thank you. Thank you very much. Chocolate.

Apparently I have a lot to work on.

Monday. I’ll start Monday. Ok. Tuesday at the latest.

Or just one day at a time. Maybe for somethings in life thats the best way to go.

I leave the plans and take it as it comes.


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