Day 142

I’m very sick and haven’t left my bed today.

It could very easily have been a miserable day, but at least its Saturday and I had no real plans. I was going to meet the girls in Malaga for brunch at the beach, but its so cold out.  Anyways, I haven’t been able to eat, so I feel tired. It been an alternating cycle of  sleeping for a few minutes, to wake up and read, sleep for a few hours, wake up and listen to music and surf the web. Came across this poem/song that I liked. It made me think of  when I was leaving Malaga yesterday. I was sitting on a bench waiting for the bus to come. Had the ‘phones in and was listening to some music and watching people.

Suddenly, Walking on A Dream, by Empire of the Sun starts to play. That song gives me good memories of working at Nak’s taking breaks from serving a-holes and just coming back to the kitchen to fetch soup or rice. I cherished the few minutes of peace and pleasure to bust out dance moves or sing along to songs like this playing. Plus, I’d say this song is pretty much impossible to listen to and stay still. My shoulders are always the first to move…and then the rest of my body follows.

One of my friends and I were talking one day. I forgot how he worded it, but to the effect that sometimes he will be in public and completely forget that other people are around and can see him, and he’ll be thinking of something funny, or confusing and just make weird faces thinking about these things, till he realizes that he’s making weird faces because other people start looking at him and make weird faces like what’s wrong with you back to him?

Thats HILARIOUS because that happens to me all the time. Also, its not uncommon for me to just be walking all fast paced and serious, then something triggers a thought and just I’ll laugh out loud suddenly and then be silent again like some kind of crazy person.

I know we aren’t the only ones, I’ve seen people around clearly in their own little world, walking down the street or on the same public bus as me,  just a jammin away spittin out lyrics and going crazy. Before it used to kinda bother me, like ‘ok we get it, its a great song your listening too, but why don’t you  chill out a bit’….but now I don’t mind as long as its not too outrageous. Its nice to see people who move to music. Besides I can’t really mind when I do things like that too I guess.

So back to the bench. There I sat, and I started to just bob around listening to this catchy tune then I caught someone looking me.  I think to myself, ok fair enough, I guess I am kinda just busting out in public, and these people can’t hear the music I’m listening to so it might look strange.

Then it gave me an idea because I was wearing my big bug eye sunglasses and could see the reflections of people in them from the screen of my MAC…I wanted to take pictures of people watching me do socially unacceptable behavior (like dance at the bus stop) and see how they reacted. The bus came so I didn’t really get a chance to test it out.

It also made me think of a short video I saw in a Lisbon Art Museum a man made a glass briefcase and walked around with it, and you can only really see the reflections from the briefcase, but the people and places this guy went and saw are from this unique perspective. It was pretty cool, and would indeed catch a lot of looks, as it did.

I want to do something like that in public. But it would be more fun with Tina or somebody else too.

Heres the poem/song that made me tangent all that:

Qué diría

¿Qué diría la gente, recortada y vacía,
si un día fortuito, por ultra fantasía,
me tiñera el cabello de plateado y violeta,
usara pelo griego, cambiara la peineta
por cintillo de flores: miosotis o jazmines,
cantara por las calles al compás de violines,
o dijera mi verso recorriendo las plazas
libertado mi gusto de mortales mordazas?

¿Irían a mirarme temblando en las aceras?
¿Me quemarían como quemaron hechiceras?
¿Rogarían en coro, escuchando la misa?
En verdad que pensarlo me da un poco de risa.

Alfonsina Storni

What Would They Say?
What would the people say, reduced and empty,
If one fortuitous day, by some extreme fantasy,
I were to dye my hair silvery and violet, were to wear an old greek gown, exchanging the comb
for a circlet of flowers: forget-me-nots or jasmines,
were to sing through the streets to the rhythm of the violins,
or were to read my verses aloud, traveling the plazas
my gusto freed of common gags?

Would they go to watch me, covering the sidewalks?
Would they burn me like they burned enchantresses?
Would they ring the bells, calling to mass?
In truth, when I think of it, I laugh a little.

 Maybe I could incorporate some verses or something more thought provoking than Empire of the Sun in my experiment….and find some flowers for my hair…

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