Day 144

My body is free from the bed which held it captive over the duration of last weekend.

A former seemingly empty and growling pit of a stomach was finally pleased and fed.

The chill of the wind outside that crept its way into me and settled in my toes left today.

Sky that had been bleak dazzled with sunshine.

Warm and delightful summer breezes in February entered the open windows of my home.

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Dexter had just bought a new Cannon DSLR and he knows what aperture means.

His wife has a beautiful name, almost as beautiful as her complexion and stunning clear eyes. Her name is feminine and strong like her personality which shines from inside her petite little body. However its so beautiful that I can’t remember what it is, only its beauty.

Despite living only streets away from each other in a small community our paths crossed for the first time tonight near my house.

He more than liked my camera. I let him hold it. He looked through the lens and admired the potential picture it could take, but would’t press down to capture it even when I insisted.

He knows about photography but he said it’s been awhile. Then the subject changed. I should meet his wife. At one time she taught English and Spanish.

Dexter is English.

She is Spanish.

I’ve never been invited to an English tea-time but it was a pleasant experience. The English tea sweetened with milk and sugar was accompanied with buttery biscuits. We drank from very large mugs, much too large to free a pinky finger and lift it in the air as you sip. We sat outside for the weather was still warm,  and the clouds were starting to turn shades of pink, which contrasted with the intense blues of the objects around us and of the subtle blue hue that was swallowing the white washed buildings of the village. The moon was starting to peek out. Dexter noticed it first because he is taller than both his wife and I.

“Come follow me”, his wife told me. I followed her past the green front door of the home of the couple I had met only a matter of minutes ago. I scrambled to not fall behind as we hurried  up the steps she had darted towards, the space was dark and narrow. I didn’t even have time to look around at the room it lead to because she immediately opened another door revealing another set of stairs that continued upwards, but outside leading to a terrace.

Once free from the walls of the house we stood on the terrace and I couldn’t believe what I saw! The view blew me away  completely,…the splash of colors and textures made my mind explode a little. And the moon that I could barely see from below slowly became this giant taking its place in the heavens.

She had the Cannon. I Had the Nikon. We both took pictures in silence. I didn’t even notice she was done, I was so into what I was seeing. She told me to come down when I was ready and left me alone on the terrace. I didn’t stay up there long, that would have been rude,..but if left to me I would have found a space right there on the floor and have laid there watching night come and have drifted to sleep counting stars.

Following the path I had taken, I returned back to them, both bustling around till we all sat down for tea. We sat in the chairs they just bought. The were student desks, and oddly the chair part was just as blue as the false window behind us, and they had a little flip out part like a desk for writing,…or for setting down tea mugs. I can’t remember what they said but they made some sort of comment to try to explain why we were sitting in children’s desks,…but I said I liked it and I felt smarter by the minute sitting in them.

We didn’t actually talk that long. Dexter quickly finished his tea and smoked a bit of a cigarette then explained he had to run off to watch a futbol game. It was quite the predicament because two games are playing tonight both Malaga and Liverpool. A true case of torn loyalty which is something taken very seriously in Spain and in England I’d assume, as well as any other futbol crazed country.

We said our pleased to meet you’s and our goodbye’s.

I then walked to a store and bought Chedder cheese because I have to eat gross limp asparagus for dinner, and then a box of Danish cookies as a reward for eating gross limp asparagus.

And that is what I did this evening.


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