Day 154

Miracles happen everyday. The fact I woke up semi-functional today at 7:30am and was able to get myself to the train station on time was a miracle. I’m actually really impressed with myself, because I was kinda internally betting that I wasn’t going to be able to pull it off.

Last weekend.  Id say around 4pm. Sitting around the house not doing too much of anything. Bowl of  freshly popped popcorn in my lap. Glass of Rioja by my side. I was slowing stewing in irritability over my finances, or lack of finances rather. I guess I’m not surprised, dispite my meticulous pre-Spain budgeting and planning, I just didn’t think it would happen already by February.

SO its mid-February and winter right. Not even Spain isn’t exempt from cold nights and harsh winds, and last weekend, I couldn’t help but let my mind run off to a beautiful paradise of an island. An island not only abundant with all the essential staples of a beach paradise…clean white sand, warm clear water,scattered shady palm trees, little huts that serve cold, strong and delicious Tequila Sunrise’s…but ALSO an island that has not an amazing nightlife- but one of the worlds best nightlife’s. Talking Guinness book of world records here. Huge clubs open all night, top notch DJs, gorgeous people everywhere,…a real international party. Well, a place like that exists in Spain. Its called Ibiza.

That was my “mission” I guess. To turn 25 in Ibiza. I’m not normally a huge party person, let alone on my birthday, last year I stayed home alone all day by choice. Lame. So anyways, I thought it would be quite the thing to say I went and had -hands down- one of the biggest craziest Birthday parties ever.

Well looking at my finances its not going to happen,…and at this point I don’t even care that much anymore. YET I can’t leave Spain without having a proper crazy fiesta, and Spain is full of festivals and fiestas. It just so happens that Carnival starts this weekend, and while it may not be as big as in Rio, its quite the event, especially in Cadiz, a port town in Andalucia, about 5 hours from Torrox. Got to thinking, got to drinking, got to searching for some bus tickets and devised this elaborate plan to go to Cadiz Thursday the 16th after school, leaving from Malaga, stopping over in Sevilla and then returning home on Sunday afternoon. In my search for bus tickets there was one ticket left on the way from Malaga to Sevilla.

Thats a sign. Its a good price too. Whip out the plastic. Its a done deal.

YES!  so now I was left with about a week till party time! And no place to stay….and no open hostels.

Hmmm. CouchSurfing!!!!

….full house, sleeping on the floor , pretty much guaranteed an amazing time and totally worth it.

I’m in.

Thursday after school I got my bus tickets, I got my suitcase with blankets packed, I got my “couch” confirmed and waiting so here it goes.

First step, get to Malaga.


Second step, get to Sevilla.


Third step, almost there…..let’s go to Cadiz!

Mmmmm,…not so accomplished.

In my brilliant last minute epiphany for Cadiz I failed to realize I was booking tickets in Sevilla from two distinct bus stations a significant distance from each other.

So last night I found myself with all my stuff trying to scramble as fast as I could to the other station, didn’t make it on time, and all the other buses were full. Story repeated at the train station.

Well I no longer talk with the couch surfer I stayed with in Sevilla. Long story. But fortunately I know a friend of a friend, and I although I hadn’t met this person before we had spoken over the phone and exchanged a few texts before. SO I sent him a text and he said after he was done with work at 12 he’d meet me for a drink. Sounded good, and it gave me some time to find a hostel, which in the end wasn’t as easy. I was feeling pretty stingy and difficult I wasn’t going to settle for any room over 15 Euros. It took me a long time walking around to find such a place…but I did, and for 11 Euros I got to stay in this really nice hostel which also came with a free drink, so I still had some time to kill before meeting up with the friend so I got my free drink,…which turned into a free sangria, a free glass of beer, and 3 free shots.

SO I was pretty happy already, and even more happy to go out and meet this friend of a friend. He is a super nice, outgoing and generous guy, and I got to meet his other friends. It was a great evening.

Needless to say I drank a lot last night. Thats a good thing,…my liver needs practice. Build up some stamina for the weekend.

I also went to bed pretty late, or early depending on which way you look at it. But I made it to the train.

I’m spent though. Thats why I can only write short sentences. Because my mind is drained and can only think basic thoughts right now.

Like: Need water. Need food. Wish I had some tacos with a side of Guac and a strawberry milkshake.

I just got to Cadiz. I need to recharge…is that the word? yeah…I need to recharge the battery on my cell and call the COUCH guy, so I found a place to eat and plug in my phone. Unfortunatly I have to sit in front of a mirror and look at my miserable self. My face needs help and I could use a shower.

I think I’m going to like Cadiz, I get that impression so far. The air smells like the sea. Thats not why I think I’ll like it,…just saying.

Ok. Ok. I’m going, battery is good now and I got things to do. Time to start the party.



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