Day 162

My mother is going to be boarding a plane an hour from now leaving from Green Bay, Wisconsin headed to Malaga, Andalucia. And I will be heading on a bus 9 hours from now to be picking her up at the airport.I’m terribly excited to see her, like I bet she is to see me too. She says she spent all day running around for me which makes us even for all the cleaning I did today. This place sparkles. I was literally blinded by the light that enters from the window as it bounced off the clean shiny floor, so much that I got distracted and the grape in my hand aimed for my mouth fell to ground. It was past the 10 sec rule when I picked it back up and ate it,…but the floor was SO clean…so that’s is an automatic time extension.

I didn’t touch my room though. Its horrible, theres crap everywhere. Just the way I like it! But I figure like that my mom is less likely to enter it.

Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to cancel my internet connection, but I’m not even sure I will be able to. I called about it yesterday -and stupid vodafone whom I despise – the woman I was talking to suddenly in the middle of helping me was like, ‘ Oh something happened. Call back later.’ She promptly  hung up the phone.

Well I had BEEN trying to MAKE something happen. But O.K.

Either way though with my mom coming I probably wouldn’t have social networked much anyways.

She’ll be here for around 2 weeks, and I’m on vacation from school, so it works out well.

**A quick note to FB friends: remember that post awhile ago I made about getting drunk and buying plane tickets? Here’s the result**

Lori had said she wants to see Paris.

She HAS to see Paris. She can not survive without Paris. She needs Paris. She also said she’d pay for my plane ticket to get there. I’m in.

Yet this mother of mine has never been to Spain, and it would be a real tragedy to miss out on some major places.

Looking through flight tickets…its like a hobby, or a favorite pastime of mine now. I enjoy checking and cross checking airlines, dates, cities,prices. Sometimes I feel like George Clooney in that awful travel movie he was in, where in one scene the whole dialog is using Airport codes. ORD is like my home, I hate MIA, I’d love to get to know JFK, MEX has a nice food court,  CUN is smaller than I imagined, and ATW just…really?

So I got all caught up in the excitement of my own enthusiasm/ little bit of jealousy of my friends traveling and went on this crazy search for the perfect trip for my mother and I. I found it. I double checked it. Triple checked it. Plastic out. AND DONE. And pass out.

Next morning I thought to myself. OOOooh what did I do? I was too nervous to check my inbox, really hoping that I had pulled everything off ( NOT like Sevilla-Cadiz)!

But. I’m amazing and I did pull it off.

Ok…Here’s my drunk genius…and what I’ll be up too in the days to come…

Tuesday we are going to head on over to Barcelona from Malaga. BUT only spend one night there, because on Wednesday  from Barcelona we head to Paris. We have 3.5 days there (short, sweet, and avoiding the possibility and likelihood of spending too much money) then heading back to Barca for 3 more days to get to know the city! Its perfect,…and for only around $200 a pop for each of us, thats not bad. Thats really not bad at all,..and the flights are nice times too. Just got to work on accommodation now. I have the first night in Barcelona reserved already…but tomorrow I’ll finalize the rest of the trip, both cities are big meaning we have options.

So expect pictures to come in the future. And wish me luck…I’m really excited, I mean crazy excited to have a visitor- let alone my mother, but I’ve never really traveled with her before, let alone SO much one-on-one time. I’m not even going to use the ‘B’ word…NOT THAT ONE…B for bonding. This isn’t bonding. Thats way too Dr.Phil for me. I think we both just want good company, and good times. I’m positive  we can pull that off.

On that note…I’m about to disappear for a bit…literally


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