Day 179

First Video and the shortest. She comes to Torox!

Second Video we get a little silly and see some cool places in Paris.

Third Video in multipart series. Warning: content contains pretty girls in ridiculous outfits.

Fourth video and I think the best. Find out what flamenco and gas masks have in common (hint: US! )

Fifth and last video. Worth watching if 1. you like to see silly 2. if you like Moby <B

That concludes the series! Hope you like!


10 thoughts on “Day 179

  1. Andrea Frederick says:

    Jess, these are GORGEOUS. You got some really amazing footage 🙂

  2. lol thanks. I got a lot of silly stuff of my mom,…like things I think I’ll keep in the future blackmail files lol but seriously we had a good time.

  3. Francisco Javier says:

    You´re an amazing video-artist, and…., well, I think I like your mother lol.

  4. Ok ok ok,…no getting too crazy here! She’s still my mom! lol,…I’m just kidding. She’s a very attractive and smart and funny lady, she’s a catch. Watch video 4 she gets better.

  5. Francisco Javier says:

    Very beautiful video, the images are beautiful, but I like the music so much. Both matches very good. Congrats!.

    • Do you really think so? about the music I mean,…the first videos I just used the iMovies stuff because youtube is funny about the copyrights sometimes. I prefer using my own music, I think it sounds better. I got a notice saying that it potentially broke copyrights,…but its wouldn’t penalize my account. So I went for it. I guess I don’t get how that works, when tons of music is on youtube…it almost makes me want to go back and re-do the videos,…but I won’t. Thats too much effort. Francisco, do you speak Spanish if you don’t mind my asking?

  6. Francisco Javier says:

    Claro, yo soy español (de Bilbao, para ser exactos). Pero como estoy tomando ocasionalmente alguna clase de inglés con un profesor americano, de Las Vegas, pues aprovecho cada aportunidad para practicar un poco. Sobre todo si veo alguna cosa que puede parecer interesante je,je. Ah!, perdón por los errores que hago en inglés.
    It´s interesting follow people writting on internet (blogs, facebook, etc.), it gives you different points of view about things and “the world”. Entering on internet has really became one of my hobbies, I´ll try not to be an addicted, ha , ha.

  7. Ah vale pues, es que no sabia…no es una cuestión de tu Ingles, hablas perfectamente, es mas como la mayoría de la gente que lee este blog son mis amigos, querría saber si te conozco o no. Pero bueno, estas bienvenida a “mi mundo” y mis tonterías y locuras jaja…yo también estoy empezando leer mas blogs por wordpress y varios sitios y hay un montón de gente (mucha mas interesante que yo) y siiip es interesante ver que todos dicen. Keep up with the English you’re doing great! And I think in some ways todos somos adictos a algo no…lol

  8. Francisco Javier says:

    Well, indeed I arrived to your blog through Krista Anderson from Green Bay. She was around here two years ago learning spanish. Finally , I joined her facebook, and surfing on it…..At least it´s a good material to read and watch, and almost alive. I should say: Thanks Mark Zukerberg. Good time in Andalucía!!

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