Day 225

My brain juice is all dried all up right now, so I’ll make a decent attempt at this.

I’m in Ronda! Woooo-hooo. Visiting Becky, she has been my European travel partner and also my roommate in GB for like a year-and a half, and close friend, and also a comfort and go-to in many situations. I was the one who found out about this specific program in Spain and told her about it, but  I might not have gone through with it if I didn’t have her shared enthusiasm and support, Spain is what connects us and always has, and its really wonderful that we were both accepted into the teaching English program, and also placed in Andalucia.

But its been 7 months and I haven’t seen her or talked to much to her, so its good to finally be here visiting.

I got here yesterday, I left Torrox at 10am and arriving here at 3:00pmish.

Its been quite busy so far actually, definitely more than what I’m used to in Torrox, which is fine, nice really.

After getting here we dropped my stuff off and went to have lunch with the family of the school director? I can’t quite remember the relationship,…but Paco, the husband is in charge where she works. Their family is incredible! But extraordinary,…they should win a family award, or everyone given a gold star or something.

We got there, and two other American girls (former English teachers at the same school) were on the couch waiting for Isa the wife who was in the kitchen cooking this incredible feast for her family and us! They have 3 boys all of them were super polite, and talkative and sweet.  I met everyone, 9 people in total we were and we sat down to a beautiful long table that was prepared with tapas and wine and beer for us to enjoy before we were served mashed potatoes and gravy and a roast and soup and…….etc. Finishing with dessert of course. The dinner was bi-lingual, and light hearted. The family was so generous and humble, and also very educated, cultural and intellectual. The food was obviously fantastic and we weren’t allowed to help clean at all but expected to eat more than what we normally should…and I can handle that.

It was a great time, I really enjoyed being there and the stimulating conversation. I got some good tips too…Paco and his family actually lived in Torrox for 10 years, something like that. They helped organize cultural events, they even managed to pull off getting a music disciple of Ravi Shankar to come play a concert at one of the high schools?! In the living room is one of Paco’s paintings of Torrox. I didn’t even notice it at first, but its the church right behind my house, I swear I see that view every single day. There are also these beautiful black and white photos taken by Paco of Isa when she was younger. She is a very beautiful woman now, but she is completely  stunning in the photos, and I talked to her about it and supposedly there was an abandoned village very close to Torrox, at one time it had been a place for a quarry? if I understood correctly but then became abandoned when the work stopped.


Paco thinks though that the town has been re-inhabitated by artsy sorts of people who wanted to restore it, but I wrote down the name, and honestly it can’t be more than a 5 maybe 6 hour hike from Torrox, which is both due-able and completely worth it, even if I get there and its full of old artsy hippies.

I met Jose, Becky’s much talked about boyfriend. He made a good first impression, and invited me my coffee. That was nice.

Then I went out for tapas with Becky and 2 other American girls and another British girl. It was nice to meet Becky’s friends, but I was stuffed. But thats what people do here,…go out for tapas, so its not really even a question if we go out or not. I just had a glass of red wine. It trickled its way down my throat and found space in my tummy some how.

It was around 10pm then when Becky took all of us to a free flamenco show. It was free so the talent reflected that a bit, and we ordered more drinks and tapas and the service was a little under-par so we stayed for an the first half of the show. But it was nice. Free entertainment is free, so take it or leave it.

After ditching the show Becky, one of the other girls and I made our way to Huskies, the bar that were Becky met Jose and also where he works as a bartender. Its a sports bar that sort of caters to the foreign crowd, with posters of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan and they play a mix of English and Spanish music. There was a band that played for awhile, they were ok. I think they had strong vocals that weren’t backed very well by the sound equipment. They sang songs by Nickleback and such…

I haven’t been in a sports bar probably since my going away party in Wisconsin back in September.

I got to meet a bunch of friends and aquiantences of both Becky and Jose at Huskies, and heard lots of backstories. Everyone was really nice and friendly, except for maybe like one or two creepers, and then this other guy I actually got into a fight with. He was in my face being annoying and saying stupid things and trying to make sex jokes, and I was just like look I don’t know you,…so you can be quiet and go away now. But he didn’t, and I didn’t want to go away because the place was packed, and I had a stool to sit on, so I wasn’t leaving. He ended up doing me a favor though, he’s told me a joke in English.

In the worst broken English imaginable he tells me a joke about a guy who goes to a store to buy a big gun to shoot a can. The man at the store says to him, why don’t you shoot a Mexican instead?


Without even knowing me or my love for Mexico, and having already annoyed me with his presence he said the magic words that just set me off and gave me a way to go off on him and make such a fuss that he would have no-choice but to walk away from me. So after I just stared at him at first, thinking you did not just say that…he tries to tell it again. Yeah I got it the first time, and it wasn’t funny I told him as he just assumes I didn’t understand. But its a joke and its funny he says,…

Perfect entry into my verbal explosion. I was sober the whole night, so I was able to make a solid and lengthy argument, in Spanish of course, and backed and supported my ideas and didn’t allow him to interrupt me as to why its not funny because people actually do go buy guns and shoot Mexicans for fun, to simplify it.  <<anyways I hate those and similar jokes…like dead Jew jokes. After standing in a former gas chamber in Dachau, no body tells me dead Jew jokes without hearing me go off.>>

So dude’s brilliant response to me was to tell me that Mexicans are responsible for bringing drugs into the U.S.

Hmm…so first passionate argument didn’t drive  him away…but THANK YOU because he just said another idiot thing to say,….and again I proceeded to go off on him for that.

And after all this arguing and shouting at him he still wanted to talk to me, so I just had to leave my stool and go hide in the bathroom and laugh a bit because I couldn’t believe this guy. Luckily leaving the bathroom a group of people were dancing,…so I joined in and escaped the Mexican hater, and had a great rest of the night.

But my brain juice is dried up,…Im not used to staying out late, and didn’t sleep my usual 9-10 hours on the weekend…. but its really nice to see Becky again and I’m enjoying my time here and looking forward to the rest of the weekend, its only started…it may be 4pm, but we are both still in our pj’s hanging out in the living room.

Our brains gotta get some juice in them before anything takes place. But come tonight we will be recharged and ready to start all over.



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