Day 230

Maybe if I didn’t always wait till the last minute to do things,…and just maybe if I could have slept like a normal person last night I would be able to find some more enthusiasm.

Today has been running around and I’m getting stressed and its only 11:00am. Its going to be a long day. But I’ve been planning this for awhile….

Oh…by the way…


Yeah….a long weekend in England.

Try and top that one. Betcha can’t.

Its a bit of a crazy story, I’m actually going to meet a friend from high-school, who very generously invited me and the plane ticket to go tag along with him and his mom for a bit of their travels around the UK, in place of him coming to Spain. And I’m totally fine with that! I never even imagine I would go to England…so its a bit surreal that its happening….like in 9 hours!!

It actually is a bit crazy that Becky is going to be in London the same days, but it will be unlikely that we meet up. My mind is blown as to how many things there are to do in London.

Which museum do I even start with???

Well…obvious answer being Tate Modern…but after that…Natural History,..Science…a million others.

Oh man. ok…I feel the enthusiasm pumping in my vains again. I just needed to start thinking about it.

….I just got to get through the next 2 hours at school, and drop the P.S. to the school director that I won’t be in school next Monday and Tuesday…

OK. I gotta do that now actually. Should have done it a week ago. Meh. I live in Spain. Thats how we do.

We’ll I’ll try to take some cool pictures, I’d like to focus more on 35mm film, and also update the blog when I’m there, but who knows what will happen. All I can say is that tonight I have a Couch Surfing set up with a girl my age, she seems really sweet, and the fact I’m not paying for a hotel is saving my wallet big time.

Ok…the director just walked into the room. Ok,…lets make this vacation official!

…wish me luck…



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