Day 239

Today is a shout-out day. I’d like to give a big shout out to all the amazing people who I am blessed to know as friends. I’ve always known that in my seemingly boring and plain hometown there are people who break the mold and shine talent, passion and vision. Some of these people, my friends are graduating today! So I want to give a big CONGRATS to them! I’m really proud of those of you who are,…and while I’m very sad that like 7 years later I’m still in school and will now be without you when I return…I’m so happy for you! Just stay around in the summer!! : )

Also just coming back from some vay-cay I was browsing around FB and again I’m so astonished by the people I know, and the things that they are up to.

For example, Jason. Wow. Good for you! He has a new photo project up on kickstart. His photos have made me stop my half-walk/runs to classes when I’m already 5 mins late, to admire his photos that hang in the hall, particularly the ones from the Walker protests at the capital…and now he’s continued and made a Poverty Now project. I definitely back him and support him on this, as an artist I know he has great talent as well as the project idea. Poverty is something that is real in the U.S. and by looking at it head on rather than avoiding it, we can start to make some real changes.

Here’s the link to his page. All you need is a $1 minimum to donate…. as soon as I find my credit card I will be!!

Also,…another example would be my friend Brenda. That woman is just something else, and I’m so proud of all of her accomplishments, her mind is always on the go and focused with positive energy. A huge congrats with the gallery Brenda, and I can’t wait to sit down with you and hear all your ideas and inspirations and feed off each others energy.

Speaking of energy, Andrea always has tons of energy as is a very progressive and forward thinker. I really wish I could be in WI and rally with her against douchebag Walker, especially with re-election coming up so soon. She’s a girl who is intelligent and speaks her mind. Power to you!

I gotta say too, my beautiful and incredible sister makes me SO proud. At 16 she’s got so much talent and just amazes me. I love her so much, and can’t wait to see her again.

Of course I have lots of incredible friends…I could go on for days…but I had to just mention these 3 although there are many more.

Even the friends of mine who have started up families,..I mean hey my life is in a bit of a different direction, but I’m happy for you!! Houses, and husbands and babies are all very exciting things! And I wish you and your families the best!

So to all my amazing friends, I want you to know I love you and miss you so much and I’m so happy for all the accomplishments, and goals and projects and ideas in all your crazy heads! I love Torrox, and I’m happy to be here, but its going to be so good to be around my friends again when I get back!

: )

Have a good day everyone!


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