Day 240

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Spanish expresión:

Pasar la noche en blanco.

Means to go the night without sleeping, because your tossing and turning, or maybe have something on your mind….or because there is a huge festival in the street with music, art, theatre and…booze.

Ayer pasé la noche en blanco.


7 thoughts on “Day 240

  1. Jim says:

    I am suprised you haven’t mentioned me as a friend. My accomplishment by far go above and beyond what your other friends have done. I have to put up with your father.

  2. randy cartier says:

    i like the pics especially pf you and the one shot thru the room out the window. It made me feel like I was in the room. What type of music played. at the festival I am leaving for broadway to hear sarah play some guitar and vocal at stars 626 a bar near the crunchy frog and brendas art gallery .have a great adventure today, on mothers day

    • Thank you, the room was actually from Tina’s roommate. We were drinking a bottle of wine before heading out to the street, and she opened her door to head out and suddenly its like,…Woah, check that out! There was a huge variety of music and other arts scattered around the city…most just on the street. What I took a picture of was sort of a flamenco type music,…with deep historical and regional roots. It was awesome, and everyone gets so into it. There were also jazz, pop, and rocks bands too, but with our poor pre-planning we didn’t get to see as much as we wanted. I’ve never heard of that bar, but I like the Frog….have fun!!

  3. randy cartier says:

    heyE. Remember your quotation my day has run afoul left workout to hear the singer at the stars bar I n my first message. . She never showed up . Bought a chicken dinner for my mother she did not like so much for plaNS adjust positive thing my shepard ana ate it haha hope it is wonderful in spain

  4. randy cartier says:

    heyE have nolt rec any new diary essays suppose you havey been busy talk later randy

    • La vida es para vivirla ; ) Hay que vivir un poco para tener algo contar, I’ve just been uh ‘collecting material’ lately…I had writers block…so I went had some adventures

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