Other London pictures before I forget.

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7 thoughts on “Other London pictures before I forget.

  1. Adam says:

    I like the swan/heart picture. Was it hard to find two in that pose or do they do that fairly often?

  2. 10 wordpress points if you know what Busking means. And you can’t play if your British ;p

    • Adam says:

      I know what it means and I’m not British!

      But 10 wordpress points seems like too little incentive, so I’ll just hold on to this information and use it to my advantage in the future. Yeah. Knowledge is power.

  3. randy cartier says:

    great pics you captured the bright colors very defined and the buildings and statues shadowsi really made the object you were photographing stand out liked framed or dimensional .Inmy perspective surreal like This is what I like.. I was waiting for your essay under those pics IIt made me the viewer want to verbal;ize . haha no need to write if the picture says it all. The swans I liked . You also showed thatblackk and was a good medium for you, my thought. .
    In photo journalism is blck and white more pre ferred I think of woodward nudes think of black and white.
    Did you ever think about doing some photo journalism on the economic times in spain and submitting to us mags about high unemploymeni, middle aged children livin g with parents no jobs, different culktures who migrated to spain seeking jobs and have become the forgotten or sub society of the country. The us might have similarities in the future to this plight and might be good reader interest in america. food for thought
    You seem like a very petite slender individual in your pics hope your bbq was fun sleep well E

  4. randy cartier says:

    you also showed that black and white is a good medium for you . my thought . Sorry needed to correct my self At times I write before I think through..clearly

  5. I see more photojournalism works being published in color, but its really all up to who your working for what they want, and then as well as the artist’s preference too. I have a lot to learn yet still, and I’m not sure where photography will take me yet…preferably away from most photo gigs like babies, weddings, dogs etc… Maybe it will just be what I do when I need to say things without words, or to make my blog look pretty :p

    Yes I have thought about Spain and those things. I pretty much live those things, its very real here especially here in Torrox as it is a small town. There are many 20s-40s aged people without work, as well as many immigrants stuck here and without jobs as well. Its one of those things though for me that I can’t do something half-ass or dabble in. To analyze Spain’s, or even the EU’s economy and related problems is a big undertaking and I would consider coming back and dedicating myself full time to the issue, but in these past 8 months my attention has been rather divided. I mean to settle into this place, try to meet people, focus on being a good teacher to my students, relationship things, traveling around, and enjoying time spent for myself.

    I think that the most powerful images are the ones that are well informed, I mean I could walk around and be like,…that man looks poor I’ll take a picture of him and thats what Spanish poverty will mean to me. One thing I have certainly done is become more informed about the EU’s current issues in general, through the news, meeting people, or through observation.

    Also to be a bit honest I sort of see the situation from different perspectives. For example people who I work with or know and who always bitch about the economy are still driving nice cars, going shopping and going out to eat etc.. Or the guy that owns a local business here in town, he’s low on money so he sometimes deals hash to teenagers, or the guys I know who don’t have jobs but find the money to get drunk in the plaza. I don’t feel particularly sympathetic to certain circumstances. But then again there are some serious economical needs that deserve attention…like my school…we have one ancient computer with slow internet-no printer in the teachers lounge. Thats bogus. Or worse outside of Madrid exists this sprawling shanty town, mainly of immigrants but with Spanish living there as well…and the government is considering using the land for a new casino to boost the economy, but would leave these people homeless.

    You’re definitely right that these issues need to be looked at and documented photographically, but I didn’t feel that was what I came here to do…it wasn’t what I felt called to at the moment I guess. But I’m very interested in returning to my country and the vast developments that have occurred there that personally involve my friends, my family, myself, my community, my nation. That means more to me right now, but to take head and lesson from the international community is very important. This is a tense time with much unrest politically and economically but thats part of the excitement too,…crisis makes people think. When people get to comfortable they sometimes stop thinking…and we can’t do that. We have to be aware, involved and active citizens in our politics. So I have hope. Esperanza.

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