Day 254

I’m getting ready to leave this place. Its been a swell 8 months it really has,…but I’m this close to being in Central America. I just hope being in this village won’t make me too socially awkward once I’m released into captivity once again. Yet then again….I may have a long ways to go.

Note to self…take it easy with the coffee…especially in Costa Rica. I hear its amazing.

This video is basically how I spent my last Saturday night in Torrox. Running around going crazy in the streets at 3am.

The old man who invited me the coffee was sweet. He’s talked to me before, and has always offered to buy me things…this time I accepted. I figured,…well I got nothing going on, I could use a boost while I research hostels, and bus schedules etc…

Yeah…and I went to bed 4.5 hours later at 4:30 am.



2 thoughts on “Day 254

  1. randy cartier says:

    hey E, When will you be in costa rica? How long you stayin? My daughtewr spent 2 months in panama doing rodent research for the gov. We are talking 30 lb rats haha . I hope you will continue your photo journalist writings and pics Have great day Ps she had great avocados and pineapples growing in her backyard . Be safe

  2. randy cartier says:

    went gambling last night lost 10 bucks inexp enter. ate at taste of india very good Thats as good as my journalism gets haha keep publishing randy

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