Day 257

What a mess today has been.

I don’t really have time or focus for complete sentences right now, so Imma just spit it..

I’m drinking coffee again late at night,…but I don’t see any dancing in the near future. I see…lots of packing,..and more packing. I don’t even want to go to bed tonight. I want to just get this suitcase thing over and then take a long walk…I’d even go all the way to the beach.

I never once went swimming. Isn’t that a bit crazy?

I got really angry tonight.

But steaming angry.

The landlady stopped on over to my house and we got into a ‘verbal disagreement’ of sorts. It might have gotten worse, but she’s got the ‘old woman’ thing going for her…I can’t really get too hostile with a 70 year old. Shame.

Pretty sure I’m not getting my deposit back,…and I’m pretty sure that pisses me off, as well as changes my financial plans.

Ugh…I don’t even want to write about it or I’m going to get worked up all over again, but I will just say that we have a written contract with everything laid out in plain Spanish, and she’s making last minute changes…like “oh yeah well you know its your responsibility to pay for the cleaning lady that will have to come, your not capable of cleaning up to my standard…and it will probably be like 5 or 6 hours and she charges up to 15 Euros an hour…so I’m just taking it out of your deposit.”

Ok. WTF.

And if she’s keeping my deposit,..and I’ll be shelling out almost $100 US dollars for a cleaning lady (not to mention the other misc. things that suddenly came up that aren’t in the contract)…than screw it, I’m not cleaning anything. Nothing. Not saying I’m going to make messes just to make them…but I’ll let that person earn their money.

Another thing, she told me that I got off easy not paying the water bill for 8 months, and now its time to  pitch in…when its been negotiated already that I DON’T PAY FOR WATER. Only electricity…she’s like yeah you think those things are free in life?

I think that contracts are contracts and lonely old penny pinchers can just disappear.

Ok. Actually my thoughts are a bit more graphically worded… I’m feeling a bit more than gee darn I’m upset. But I said I wasn’t going to write about this stuff…

I’m such a guzzler. Of liquids. Of drinks I mean. I mean I drank my coffee really fast is what I’m saying.

I write as if the backspace didn’t exist sometimes. Like my screen is a person and what I say I can’t take back. I should really get going…I have a whole 12 hours to burn before I need to go to work.

Maybe I’ll come back later and take another break. Listen to some Spotify.  Or maybe none of that will happen and I’ll fall asleep drooling on myself from fatigue somewhere in between the 5-6 a.m. Maybe I’m procrastinating.

No,..take that back. I most definitely am.

Ok…let’s just get this over with…besides I have a busy day tomorrow full of more goodbyes to deal with…

257 days already. man.


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