Day 260 (Yesterday)

Lufthansa saved the day with a whole 3 seats to myself and some of the most comfortable airplane seats I’ve ever. The extremely fat German man across the aisle who is reading the ‘Frankfurter’ is starting to sweat…but to compensate the flight attendant is tall dark and handsome speaking German and offering meal trays.

Free meal doesn’t look too bad. Its ravioli, and comes with wafer cookies, nice touch. I’m glad there is food and that people eat dinner late here, because I haven’t eaten all day and was starting to get dizzy. Leaving Spain, dragging around luggage, a 6 hour bus ride with a broken chair sitting next to chatty Arabic speakers takes a lot out of a person.

Ooh drink cart is coming. Maybe free German beer. I’ll keep the fingers crossed.

Ok Lufthansa’s the best…and this short trip to Germany is official! I got a fat blonde man, a blonde frosty beer and some Die Fantastichen Vier playing on the iTunes (thanks for the music Paul!) and  lots of ‘Ja Ja’ ‘s all around me.

So in 2 more hours I’ll be in Frankfurt. I’ve only been there once before, for my birth. It would be interesting to see where I was born, although its only a military base. I guess my parents lived in a middle of nowhere little German town, I’d like my mom to take me someday and point out places around and tell me stories of how I was so cute and always behaved ; )

I’m thinking about these past few days and the days to come. This is going to be one of the longest weekends in my life.

Leaving was Torrox was both hard and easy to do. Hard because I was starting to get close with people in town, and I’m going to miss them terribly. I am really glad I got to see the one and only Sin Rencor, Miguel’s band jam out one night. Very impressive, and they gave me a free CD and T-Shirt. I’m most defiantly a groupie now! I also got to spend some time with the girls in the cafe, particularly one of them…my favorite. She says she wants to go to the states…I gave her my contact info, I would be happy to meet her in Chicago someday! I said goodbye to the old Antonio. He almost made me cry, and I got one last hug out of him. I talked to the man at the fruit stand, and the lady who works at the butchers too.

Because of the whole land-lady situation I did get a bit stressed out, and that sort of interfered with some of my plans. Never did take a last walk around town, or pictures of a few important people like I had wanted too. I never did get my deposit back, but I took matters into my own hands and thats all I’m saying about that.

Saying goodbye in school was sweet. I had a whole stack of colored ” I love you” pictures. The best ones are from 2nd grade. I’m almost positive one of the little girls drew this hilarious picture of me with big boobs,….and a penis thing in between my legs. I cried a little bit from laughter…but told her I loved it. I do love it,  I’m just not sure if I should be flattered or offended!

One of my teachers didn’t know if was my last day, but the director at school gave Tina and I presents. It was really sweet and made my eyes water.

But I’m happy to be out of school. Happy to not have to discipline anyone or ask for people to please listen to me, or try to explain things like the French Revolution in 3 mins because we’re short on time….but if you would it would be something like….some people had lots of power and money…some people didn’t (and it was beautiful **Celine Dion joke. Youtube it**) and then they fought over it and democracy won.

I did end up packing everything,…and throwing lots of stuff away, like my Yoga mat, my free weights, an old ex’s backpacker backpack, T-Shirts, and other things. I had no choice but to throw things away, my suitcase was so heavy. Worst part was I discovered on the way from Torrox to Malaga that the wheels were broken, so I literally had to drag the suitcase.

I was walking downtown Malaga on route to Tina’s and passed a building with a mirrored exterior, and had to watch my miserable self try to struggle and sweat down the street. I could only go about 15ft, before I had to rest and switch hands. Luckily though with the help of Tina I was able to receive and unused suitcase from another American, so I now have a suitcase with wheels. I can’t imagine navigating the Madrid metro without it, earlier today I came across a huge flight of narrow stairs and this young cute hipster guy helped me with the suitcase, I don’t think he realized how heavy before offering to help…but he really saved me big time.

In Malaga I sort of took it easy yesterday. I didn’t feel like I had to get anything done last minute. I was going to go to Western Union, I’m a bit nervous that I’m carrying a large some of cash on me,…but I can deal with it until San Jose I think. I did go to the market, and got some garlic stuffed olives. Totally forgot I had a dentist appointment later that day, but it was fine, I didn’t get the hot dentist that Tina and Christina said worked there. For only 20 Euros I got a brand new sparkling smile!

My last evening in Spain was spent drinking beer+ lemon soda eating Doritos on the beach with my American friends, and later I was very pleased to see that both Lila and Hector (he came to Green Bay years ago as an exchange student from Leon, Spain,…I haven’t seen him in like 3 years!!!) came out to the beach and I got to say my last goodbyes in person. For diner that night, Tina’s English roommate made Shepard’s Pie which actually happens to be my favorite food no joke, and this was all in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee. Long live the Queen!! Pass the wine please!!

We took it easy that night, and in the morning I left. Not particularly exciting, but how I wanted it. I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do, so I could leave in peace.

I didn’t cry when I left, Malaga I was too tired. I would have been able to escape my tears for Spain altogether, but then a Spanish friend called me and sang me this beautiful sad but sweet song over the phone a few minutes before my flight. It was one of the nicest sweetest things, and that got me choked up. I’ll never forget that.

And now….I’m in Germany with Paul…und wir chillin machen ; )


One thought on “Day 260 (Yesterday)

  1. randy cartier says:

    HeyEsperanza; What an exciting emotional weekend need a rest by the time of costa rica try and stay chillin bye for now

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