Day 269

After much struggle and hardship I am finally out of Europe! I only know a small fraction of Costa Rica so far, and I am still tired from traveling, I’ve been sleeping alot,…but I love it here.

It makes Torrox feel as if it was a dream forever ago. A beautiful dream. I could have never have predicted anything of what I have seen and lived, and I am so grateful for all that I have been given. Reality still has yet to hit me, and for now except for the people I know, I don’t miss anything in Europe…but I’m sure that will change once I return to Wisconsin. For now its nice to take one last look back on a few memories of my time spent, and continue forward.

My biggest struggle right now is not being upset that my whole plans have changed, and to keep positive and happy that at least I’m here! I might have lost a week, over 600 dollars ( I only have $300 now!!!), and a few reservations…. but I’m letting all of that die tonight because tomorrow is a brand new day. I’m going to wake up 25 and will be ready to embrace with an open mind and heart all that lies ahead of me.

Today I say goodbye to Europe, and prepare myself to get ready to immerse myself into Costa Rica and this new year ahead of me.

A look at some of my final memories…

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