One week later and I can say that Costa Rica is one of the most magical places on earth! I’m enjoying every moment that I can here, and I finally feel ‘settled in’. Having said that its time to put this blog to rest.

My 8 meses, my 8 month journey and then some took me places and brought me people and experiences I will never forget. Its funny now to read some of the first posts and laugh about how I did things, because I didn’t know a better way, or how little things that used to stress me out were really nothings in the end. I like to think back on the development of my friendships, and to think that people that I randomly or casually met would turn out to be the closest things to home for me in Spain…I can’t imagine my experience without people like Tina and Alec, Lila, Miguel, Paul, a handful of old folks, the ladies at the cafe, Rui, Pirate, Luis and other special people.

Not only was it a blessing to have these new friendships, but I was honored to see a few old friends too, and have the pleasure of the nights in Madrid, the road trip to Granada…wine and time with my mother…futbol, food and Huskies…a new country and culture explored in the mist…photo-shoots and festivals.

And then of course I have my bog readers, my friends (old and new) and family who’ve I’ve been able to share my stories and life with through writing. I can’t express how much its meant to me to have people read my posts and especially times when I’m down, show support and care for me. Even from an ocean away those things kept my heart warm and my spirits up.

I think I’m starting to get sad and reflective now….so before that happens I just want to say thank you for being a part of my journey with me.

The journey is over and a new one has taken its place. If anyone is interested you may follow my time in Costa Rica by visiting my new blog “Pura Vida” also through WordPress. This blog will be more of a collection of photos and short commentary than anything. I’ll be keeping the stories for when I can say them out loud.

Everyone has the potential to be a traveler and an adventurer, and only some do it with suitcases and plane tickets. The big adventures to me could have been small events to someone else. I wish everyone safe travels in the everyday life, because that is were the greatest surprises often lie.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Adam says:

    You rocked it hardcore style, Frederika. 🙂

    Have fun with the new chapter in your life.

  2. says:

    wow just found your blog yesterday.. & now your saying your enjoying my favorite place in this world! contact me via email & i will forward you to THE most awesome spot in Costa!
    enjoy! & well done here!

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