Day 627


Your google search must have left you at this site. That’s the explanation I give for all the hits I keep getting on this site, which was started 627 days ago.

If this is your first vist, you’ve stumbled apon the virtual story of myself, a young woman from Wisconsin, USA who moved to Spain on in impulse and the love, laughter, hardships, discoveries and friendships I made along the way. Included are pictures and videos as I explored my 8 month stay in Spain (and also Germany and Costa Rica which were on the way home) with my at the time new Nikon.

I felt like I should give an update to anyone reading this, or if anyone who followed me at one time stops back:

-I currently live in the USA and am living with and dating someone who is secretly mentioned in this blog ; ) I graduated college and work as a waitress. After coming back home I’ve traveled to Chile, Argentina, Canada and most recently New York. It’s pretty much its own country.

– Tina is in California and soon to be visiting Flavia in Sweden. Her and I are trying to plan to meet up in the States.

– Becky my friend from WI (Day 225) is living with her Spaniard boyfriend still and has plans to eventually marry. He came to the US to meet her parents last Christmas. We still talk on FB and occasionally Skype.

– I think my mom is in love with a man she met in Barcelona. They keep in touch via email and letters.

– Paul is in Germany and doing well. He has gone back to Torrox and has sent me postcards from his journeys.

– Miguel and I used to Skype more, but I haven’t talked to him in quite some time. Last I knew he stopped playing in the band and has picked up running and is getting into shape.

– Lila still travels around Europe.

– Luis my ex boyfriend went back to Mexico. We don’t regularly talk, I think he has a new girlfriend.

– I saw Amin in Canada in January. We haven’t talked since then.

– I keep in touch with Rui and David (couch surfing in Portugal ) via FB. Today is Rui’s birthday.

– I keep a picture of my neighbor Antonio on my fridge. I have submitted some of my pictures from Spain to competitions. I’m waiting to hear back on a few.

–  I have no immediate plans to return to Europe. My sites are set on Brazil 2014.

– I would like to pursue higher education in journalism and continue to travel and blog.

I appreciate people who take the time to visit this site. You can request my information to find me on Facebook.

Happy travels everyone. Live big and bold.


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