No refund is possible,…I can cancel my CostaRica-Chicago flight for Jul,…and get some credit, but they take out fees etc… I was told I can call the office in Chicago to consider that. Now I’m just waiting in Frankfurt until the office opens. I couldn’t even buy a ticket now if I wanted too, I only have like $150 in my U.S. bank account, all rest is cash! Its cold and raining. All I want to do is hide in bed and cry…but I know that’s not going to help or change anything.

2 pm


The sound of rain outside is soothing, and if I can’t be in Costa Rica right now in bed listening to Dave Matthews and the rain mix together is a close second.

I feel better than yesterday, except for my eyes and throat, so I won’t be making any scenes like yesterday. I’m really hoping that when I make some calls today I’m not remembered as the girl who went crazy in the airport yesterday, I was half excepting to me escorted out of the place I was so upset.

I’ll try to figure whats up and post my plans on here. Its going to be complicated if I don’t get any money back, or have to buy a completely new flight. I have around $1200 and two more months of student loans to pay….I don’t know what would be worse,…not going to Costa Rica at all…or going to Costa rica and try to live off of $200 in for a month.

At Paul’s sisters house we were all making jokes that blow-jobs cost around 20 Euros here,…hand jobs 10. Charge 5 to watch….

—> Its a joke!!! I seriously would never consider that!!!  <—-

So…I’m going to get start looking at my options. I’m calm again now. I have to be…anger and sadness make you too irrational at times,…and I need my smarts with me today.

11:30 am